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Reclaimed Appliances Ltd E-waste recycling in Nigeria Phil Conran.

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1 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd E-waste recycling in Nigeria Phil Conran

2 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd The University of Northampton UK Centre of Excellence for Wastes Management Training and education in all aspects of sustainable wastes management Reclaimed Appliances Operate commercial treatment process in UK under WEEE Regulations Recycle, repair and re-use all types of E-waste Approved exporter status with Environment Agency

3 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd July 2008 UK delegation visited Nigeria and met with Professor Osibanjo of the Basel Convention Regional Coordinating Centre for Africa. Also visits to markets, informal recycling centres etc August 2008 Nigerian delegation visited UK including tour of Reclaimed Appliances and meeting with DEFRA and the Environment Agency. Visits

4 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Background OMIS feasibility report conducted Operating Principles established with Basel Convention and Environment Ministry Mutual visits conducted: –RA to Nigeria to assess existing system and process –BC and EM to UK to investigate UK systems and RA processes Facilities identified Training needs assessed

5 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Unregulated import, collection, treatment, recycling and disposal process Perceived large scale WEEE dumping from overseas No formal e-waste segregation process from municipal or business users Effective but uncontrolled value extraction process No environmental, health & safety standards Little public awareness of risks or effects Key findings

6 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Proportionate regulation with appropriate official enforcement Training of regulators and collectors Formal collection and treatment infrastructure Appropriate treatment technology Optimised revenue streams Sufficient financial incentive to create viable alternative Education of public and existing networks Requirements

7 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd To establish a WEEE recycling facility in Nigeria Environmentally sound management of e-waste Sustainable financing model Protect the health and well being of informal sector Provide jobs and training Capacity building Model that can be replicated Summary Proposal

8 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Establish new Nigerian Company Partnership between Reclaimed Appliances and BCRCCA Apply Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques (BATRRT) Work with existing infrastructure Proposal

9 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Franchised collection agent provided with Container PPE Training Procedures Standards Trained scavengers Port of Lagos WEEE Treatment Facility Sorted WEEE categorised by material and treatment process Export end use markets £ Value from end markets EEE Waste Payment Geographical franchises

10 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Facility could include CRT processing equipment Equipment for recycling gas discharge lamps Baling equipment ODS removal Specialist vehicles Containers Proposal

11 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Work with informal sector to develop system of franchised collection agents, provided with: Container PPE Training Procedures Standards Proposal

12 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Requirement for self-financing for sustainability Market expertise and appropriate technology will enable the system to be largely self funding Some e-waste has negative value eg CRT displays If funding needed, options under consideration include Small levy on imports of all electrical equipment Pump priming for processing equipment Financing

13 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd Training and Education Universities of Ibadan and Northampton Funding from British Council: Education Partnerships in Africa Develop education and training materials for informal sector, staff for new facility, regulators etc Workshops and staff exchange On going partnership

14 Reclaimed Appliances Ltd The proposal offers: Environmentally sound management of EEE-waste Training of the informal sector and others to earn a living without health risks A practical solution that can be replicated throughout the developing world Self sustaining finance Summary

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