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Meeting of Europes Foundations, Regions and Cities for Social Innovation 24 October 2012 What do we understand by social innovation in different EU countries.

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1 Meeting of Europes Foundations, Regions and Cities for Social Innovation 24 October 2012 What do we understand by social innovation in different EU countries 1

2 SOCIAL INNOVATION 1. Premises 2. Brief Presentation of the Basque environment 3. Brief Presentation of the Novia Salcedo Foundation 4. Challenges facing Social Innovation 5. Some points for debate 2

3 PREMISES OF SOCIAL INNOVATION There is no sustainable economic innovation without social innovation, which consists in: Freedom of thought and expression, knowledge, Creativity and cooperative attitude of INDIVIDUALS + Ethical and shared leadership in ORGANISATIONS + Economic system dedicated to SOCIAL VALUES

4 For there to be social innovation, there needs to be change at three levels: INDIVIDUALS ORGANISATIONS SOCIETY PREMISES OF SOCIAL INNOVATION 4

5 Beginning with individuals / groups /organisations as agents of change which impact on Society, in order to society in turn to influence other individuals, groups and organisations PREMISES OF SOCIAL INNOVATION 5

6 We identify 4 challenges in these 3 levels: equality, exercised through shared leadership, participation, in order for society to control the economic system, cooperation, in order to innovate the economic system at the service of social values PREMISES OF SOCIAL INNOVATION 6

7 Euskadi as a reference for innovation in Europe Strategy 2020 Intelligent growth: open economy based on knowledge and innovation. Sustainable growth: an economy which makes efficient use of resources, which is greener and more competitive Inclusive growth: economy with high employment levels, and ensures social and territorial cohesion. Panel of innovation indicators (IUS 2011). Ranking UE-27 Source: EUSTAT, Panel of innovation indicators (IUS 2011) Basque Autonomous Community. Challenges towards Europe RANKING IUS 2011BASQUE COMMUNITY SPAINEU IUS ,460,410,54 Relative position UE-27 85,3375,45100 Position nº THE BASQUE ENVIROMENT BRIEF PRESENTATION 7

8 NOVIA SALCEDO FOUNDATION BRIEF PRESENTATION Non-profit institution with 32 years of activity as an independent civil society organisation Acts in the Basque Autonomous Community, and dedicated to responding to its challenges and following the principles of good management and transparency Member of the Basque Network for Science, Technology and Innovation Member of the Basque Agency for Innovation INNOBASQUE, and active collaborator in social innovation working groups: Values, CSR, Youth Employment, legislation on Lifelong Learning, draft legislation on good governance and transparency, social entrepreneurship. Works from three perspectives: direct action with youth and organisations, reflection- ICARUS Think Tank, awareness-raising in society 8

9 Developing 5 lines of strategic orientation: 1.Leading the integration of youth into organisations through innovation and added value 2.Acting as an agent for Social Innovation 3.Developing research, knowledge, training and innovation 4.Influencing, provoking and mobilising relevant political, socio-economic and cultural actors 5.Internationalising the scope and influence of NSFs work NOVIA SALCEDO FOUNDATION BRIEF PRESENTATION 9

10 ICARUS THINK-TANK: Identification of challenges in each of the three action levels NOVIA SALCEDO FOUNDATION 2010 TODAY Dimension --- Impact +++ Who is affected Society Organisation s Individuals Incorporation of minorities Redefine what has Social value Reduce the power of the economy on governance Revalue political leadership Lack of techniques to achieve a joint vision Lack of competencies to deliberate How organisations unilaterally benefit from the values of individuals Quest for immediate benefits Definition of alternative values Building of values (consumerism) Indifference and Self-sufficiency Transmission of values 10

11 SOCIAL INNOVATION ICARUS THINK-TANK: Viable actions, from where to begin INDIVIDUALS Promoting the value of cooperation and teamwork to address innovation. Create opportunities where this experience can be tested ORGANISATIONS Promote the "good governance" and leadership aimed at encouraging the development of people and the construction of shared value with others. Impulse organizations advancing social learning. SOCIETY Importance of defining what has "social value". Leveraging policy towards the common good and social collaboration. It is necessary to improve the quality of governance, responsible involvement of the media and a review of educational and research systems adapted to this reality. The Human Development Index is not being used as an indicator of economic measure of a society. 11

12 SOCIAL INNOVATION IDEAS FOR DISCUSSION 1.Social innovation claims a central role for human society, to help rethink economic issues and put them at our service. 2.We do not have measurement systems for social innovation linked to sustainable economic innovation. Human Development Index. 3.Do not forget that the process of influencing the environment is mutually influential among the three levels individuals / organisations / society. 4.Social innovation "is neither bought nor sold; it is a social process which must be conquered. 12


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