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DOD CIO Updates Mr. Ron Kelly, DoD CIO/IP.

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1 DOD CIO Updates Mr. Ron Kelly, DoD CIO/IP

2 Net-Centric Information Sharing Persistent Collaboration
Defense Information Enterprise Service-Oriented Focus + Convergence = Agility The Power of Team Information Advantage CREATING AN INFORMATION ADVANTAGE FOR OUR PEOPLE AND MISSION PARTNERS

Rodney McCall EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Bruce Brown (IPA) SPECIAL ASSISTANT Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management, Integration, and Technology & Deputy Chief Information Officer MR. DAVID WENNERGREN VACANT – Principal Director Federal Information Sharing DEBBIE FILIPPI SPECIAL ASSISTANT Paul Grant* FEDERAL INFO SHARING INITIATIVE Janice Haith Maria Samuda INFORMATION SHARING STRATEGY / PLAN Tony Simon DIRECTORS NETOPS Tom Lam IPv6 Kris Strance INFORMATION SUPPORT PLANS Paul Szabados Bob Hayes Ed Zick COMPUTING INFRASTRUCTURE / GIG WAIVER BOARD Carl Consumano (VACANT – O5) Computing & NetOps GEORGE WAUER CIO Management Services JOYCE FRANCE Information Policy & Integration (JOHN SHEA) IT Investments & Commercial Policy RAY BOYD Strategic Planning & Policy LLOYD THROWER Enterprise Architecture & Standards BRIAN WILCZYNSKI PROGRAM ANALYSIS & SUPPORT (VACANT) Carol O’Neal-Robinson CIO GOVERNANCE/INFO QUALITY Ellen Law DOMAIN NAME & WEB POLICY Terry Davis PRIVACY IMPACT ASSESSMENT Gary Evans E-GOVERNMENT (OMB) Tina-Marie Buckman Jose Finn Sharon Hopkins RESOURCE MANAGEMENT / SECTION 508 Arleen Oliver Jermell Cook IT WORKFORCE / ACADEMIA OUTREACH Sandy Smith Ned Kieloch Special Assistant Paul Grant* DEPUTY/ RECORDS MGMT Ron Kelly TECHNICAL ADVISOR Clay Robinson DATA STRATEGY / COIS Oma Cox Fannie Callands (VACANT – O6) (April ’09) (VACANT – DTE) SERVICES STRATEGY / SOA Keith Dean J. Mike Moore PSA FOR NCES, MCEITS & CANES Dan Risacher IDENTITY MGMT. & ATTRIBUTE SERVICES Myra Powell (Mike Todd) Rudy Morrison DIE SERVICES TEAM COL. Andy Seward Marty Costellic Kathy Brande Len Tabacchi SPECIAL ASST TO THE VCJCS Marian Cherry (VACANT – O6 (May ’09) – rotational) TITLE 40 / CCA OVERSIGHT Ed Wingfield Amelia Grazioso Rick Perron CPI / LSS INDUSTRY OUTREACH / CLEARINGHOUSE Tamie Lyles-Santiago Sam Kassem Ron Richardson ESI / IT ASSET MANAGEMENT Jim Clausen Robert Smith IT INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Joe Paiva Barbara McCain ACQUISITION SUPPORT Carolyn Clements COTS TECH REVIEW & MARKET RESEARCH Ken Nguyen STRATEGIC PLAN / PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT Roger Thorstenson CIO FRAMEWORK Marilyn Kraus Roy Mabry INTERNET GOVERNANCE Les Bloom AGENCY & ASSOCIATION OUTREACH Jack Zavin DOD FEDERATED ENT. ARCH Alan Golombek Mike Wayson STANDARDS (DISR) Walt Okon DIEA 2.0 Terry Hagle *denotes dual-hatted Government Employees - APR

4 Focus Areas Understanding/Communicating the CIO Imperative
Enterprise Alignment (Behaving Like An Enterprise) Delivering Results Charting the Course for the Future (16 April 2008 Brief)

5 2. Enterprise Alignment Net-Centric Information Sharing … Creating an Information Advantage Implementing Enterprise Services (Joint Bases as early adopters) Funding/Mandating use of Core Enterprise Services Collaboration, DKO, Content Staging, Content Discovery Enterprise Software Initiative (Net–Centric Enterprise Licensing) Improved Enterprise Governance Structure Data/Information Sharing Toolkit Community of Interest (COI) Training Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Net-Centric Education Net-Centric Data Strategy Implementation NGEN Oversight Group Integrated Intelligence Architecture (IIA) Support for COIs: C2, Strike, UCore, Adaptive Planning, Spectrum, Training (P&R/JFCOM), IEDs Information Sharing Implementation Plan Controlled Unclassified Information (16 April 2008 Brief)

6 4. Charting the Course for the Future
Future of the Internet Migration to a Service-Oriented World (SOA, NCES, CANES, MCEITS, FCS, etc.) Web 2.0 for DoD “Net Generation” Workforce Wikis and Blogs Open Source Supporting Chief Management Officer (CMO) implementation Breaking Down Barriers of Networks Future of Identity Management (shared with DASD IIA) (16 April 2008 Brief)

THE POWER OF INFORMATION… ACCESS. SHARE. COLLABORATE. LEAD THE DOD ENTERPRISE TO ACHIEVE AN INFORMATION ADVANTAGE FOR OUR PEOPLE AND MISSION PARTNERS. DAVID M. WENNERGREN Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management, Integration, and Technology & DoD Deputy Chief Information Officer (703)

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