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How to bridge the chasm between farmers and NGOs Jan Buurma.

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1 How to bridge the chasm between farmers and NGOs Jan Buurma

2 Content Impression EU seminar Reflection on congruent interests Perspectives on soil quality Farmers NGOs Policymakers Soil quality as congruent interest Linking soil quality and CAP

3 Impression EU seminar System \ LevelStrategicTacticOperational Integrated Pest Control System Thierry Mercier (natural pesticides) Luc Peeters (farmers problems) Jack Masse (decision support) Integrated Cropping System Integrated Farming System Integrated Food System Hans Muilerman (system re-design) Clash!

4 Reflection on congruent interests Prof. John Grin, University of Amsterdam: A system innovation to be successful requires congruent interests of the partners involved. After World War II No more famine

5 Perspectives on soil quality farmers Interviews with arable farmers, 2006 Views on people, planet and profit People villagers and citizens Planet soil quality and soil health Profit continuity of the farm

6 Experience from Indonesia Soil structure Land preparation Pest incidence Physical yield Good1.250 hr/haLow13,0 ton/ha Poor1.500 hr/haHigh 6,5 ton/ha Shallot growers in Central Java, 1991

7 Perspectives on soil quality NGOs Interview with Hans Muilerman, 2008 Controversy on emission of pesticides Policy volumes escaped from agriculture NGOs volumes applied in agriculture

8 NGOs: what happens inside the cage?

9 Experience from orchard experiment, 2003 Apple scab survives winter on old leaves More decomposition less spores in spring Specific fungicides harmful for earth worms More decomposition in biological systems Pesticides may promote infection pressure

10 Perspectives on soil quality policymakers Basis for food production and food security Important source of biodiversity

11 Soil quality as congruent interest Farmers crucial production factor NGOs basis of global ecosystem Policymakers crucial for food security Soil quality our common future

12 Linking soil quality and CAP Recent study in The Netherlands, 2008 Strengthening organic agriculture through the coming European Agricultural Policy Rewarding environmental achievements >> drinking water and greenhouse gas >> 200 per hectare

13 Summary Chasm between farmers and NGOs Focusing at different system levels Addressing soil quality Bridge to our common future Tools for measuring soil quality Rewarding achievements

14 For your inspiration …. © Wageningen UR

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