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Syndrome The Burnout in Libraries Kathy Campbell Marie F. Jones East Tennessee State University.

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1 Syndrome The Burnout in Libraries Kathy Campbell Marie F. Jones East Tennessee State University




5 Whos at Risk? People who… Try to be all things to all people Identify too strongly with work Have a monotonous job Work in the helping professions

6 Causes: Work Environment Lack of professional autonomy Dealing with the public Role ambiguity Inadequate positive feedback Lack of control over library operations No-win situations The burned-out supervisor Stressors in the physical environment

7 Causes: Personal High idealism Perfectionism Overcommitment Lack of personal support

8 Symptoms Are you… Becoming more cynical, critical, and sarcastic at work? Losing the ability to feel joy? Dragging to work and have trouble getting started? More irritable and less patient with co-workers or library patrons? Feeling that there are insurmountable barriers at work? Lacking the energy to be consistently productive? No longer feeling satisfaction from your achievements? Having a hard time laughing at yourself? Tired of co-workers asking if youre okay?

9 Psychological Symptoms Feelings: anger, anxiety, apathy, boredom, depression, despair, discouragement, disillusionment, dissatisfaction, fear, frustration, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, irritability, pessimism, resentment, suspicion Attitudes: cynicism, depersonalization, indifference, moodiness, resignation, self-doubt Neuropsychological Dysfunction: reduced attention, reduced concentration, reduced problem-solving

10 Physical Symptoms Sleeping too much or too little Gaining or losing weight Headaches Backaches Colds Flu

11 Behavioral Symptoms Blaming others Conflicts with others Criticizing others Defensiveness Distancing from others

12 Behavioral Symptoms Absenteeism Clock-watching Decreased efficiency Increased mistakes Living for breaks, weekends, and vacations Lowered standards Overcommitment or undercommitment Reliance on rules Tardiness Workaholism

13 Significant problems Substance Abuse Unnecessary risks High Blood Pressure Heart Attack Suicide

14 Your magic bracelets for the job o Clarify your job description. o Learn to say no. o Practice healthy communication. o Develop a support system. o Maintain a sense of humor. o Listen to music. o Eat a healthy lunch. o Take your full lunch break and physically leave your work area. o Take a break. o Remember: Nobody dies in a bibliographic emergency.

15 Magic Bracelets for Your Office Environment Personalize your work area. Add floor or desk lamps to soften the effect of fluorescent lighting. Add plants.

16 Your Personal Magic Bracelets o Take time off. o Exercise. o Find a hobby. o Volunteer. o Pray (good nutrition for the soul). o Meditate. o Seek counseling if necessary.

17 Personal experience? Questions?

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