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Dealing with Anxiety and depression!

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1 Dealing with Anxiety and depression!

2 Understanding Anxiety
Anxiety-the condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what may happen Occasional anxiety is a natural response to life events. Worry Insecurity Fear Self-consciousness panic

3 Coping with anxiety If you use some of the techniques that we have learned about dealing with stress. Many people choose to use substances such as alcohol or drugs to escape.

4 Understanding depression
Depression-prolonged feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness Everyone feels sadness but depression usually last longer Depression is a serious condition that may require medical help. Almost 15% of all teens will display some sign of depression.

5 Types of Depression Major Depression-intense and can last for weeks or months. Mild Depression-less severe symptoms, but can last for years Adjustment disorder-reaction to a specific life event.

6 Causes and effects of Depression.
Caused by Physical, psychological, or social reasons. Medical conditions or illness can be a cause. Psychological reasons would be surviving a traumatic life event. Social or environmental factors, such as living in poverty or in a physically or emotionally harmful environment.

7 Warning Signs of Depression
Changes in Thinking May have trouble concentrating and making decisions. Have self destructive thoughts Changes in Feelings May experience Apathy or lack of strong feelings, interest, or concern. May not feel pleasure in things they once enjoyed. May be sad, or irritable and angry.

8 Changes in Behavior May become emotional
May begin eating too little or too much. Trouble sleeping and may seem tired. Neglect hygiene and withdraw from social situations.

9 Getting Help If you recognize these symptoms in yourself or someone else talk to an adult you trust. Seek a Health professional they can create a plan to help such as: Taking medication Making changes in the home or school environment Counseling Treating depression takes time, persistence and patience.

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