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MeDON: Welcome and aims of the meeting Tim Smyth.

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1 MeDON: Welcome and aims of the meeting Tim Smyth

2 Now completed 5/6 of project MeDON Interreg project ends 31/10/2012 –235 days to go … Aims of meeting: –To ensure that everything in place for deployment of cable (during April – updates from IFREMER) –To ensure that we capitalise on cable for instrument deployments (ENSTA, PML, UoP) –To ensure that we capitalise on cable for outreach activities (NMA, Oceanopolis) Reporting period 5: end 31/3/2012 –Need to enter everything by 13/4/2012

3 MeDON: Finances and project management Tim Smyth

4 Financial – this to ensure that we are spending correctly …






10 Project co-ordination and overall management 1.3 Progress report (PML) – your inputs due by 13/4/2012 1.4 Newsletter (PML) – prefer to actually have news(!); waiting on the dry and wet tests and deployment WP1 – Co-ordination

11 3.1 Instrument packages: expecting wet and dry tests during March (IFREMER, PML, ENSTA) 3.4 Logistics: will need to write up diary of events for the deployment of the cable from beginning to end (IFREMER) 3.5 Development and fabrication of the proof of concept: Cable to be deployed (April 2012); Instruments attached. 3.6 Accoustics to be plugged into cable (April 2012) WP3 - Technology

12 WP4 - Feasibility 4.1 Economic model for phase II (PML) – report being finalised, submitted in next reporting period 4.2 Site surveys – reports required for both sides of the Channel (IFREMER, PML) 4.3 Legal Framework – will be tied up with 4.1 4.4 Early test of the proof-of-concept via pilot site – (IFREMER, others); starting in April 2012

13 WP5 – Public outreach etc. 5.1: Touring exhibition, public outreach web portal, best practice model, report on public awareness, report on learning outcomes, educative activities, storyboard and bi-lingual questionnaires. 5.2: Sustainability of the partnership 5.3: Disseminate outcomes and achievements, regionally and European level: final conference?

14 What next? Open discussion. Future of the partnership Possible future funding mechanisms Conferences / workshops / papers

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