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MeDON: Welcome and aims of the meeting Tim Smyth.

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1 MeDON: Welcome and aims of the meeting Tim Smyth

2 Now completed 90% of project MeDON Interreg project ends 31/10/2012 –128 days to go … Aims of meeting: –To ensure that we make the most of cable for instrument deployments (ENSTA, PML, UoP) –To ensure that we capitalise on cable for outreach activities (NMA, Oceanopolis) –To ensure website cleaned up and fit for purpose (ENSTA, PML) Reporting period 6: end 31/10/2012 –Need to enter everything by 13/11/2012

3 MeDON: Web site and data dissemination Tim Smyth and Jean-Philippe Schneider

4 Current website

5 Where are we with the website? Have updated with website with news of the launch of the cable –This in conjunction with a French and English press release. Need to decide how to present the data flows (ENSTA website) … and link this to the PML maintained website –OK for acoustics –Environmental data problematic (no working sensors) –Need camera feeds and ADCP added to ENSTA


7 MeDON: Finances and project management Tim Smyth

8 Financial – this to ensure that we are spending correctly …






14 Project co-ordination and overall management 1.3 Progress report (PML) – your inputs due by 13/11/2012 1.4 Newsletter (PML) – newsletter 05 due for publication after this meeting; highlight the success of the cable deployment and other issues. Possible final newsletter at the end of the project. WP1 – Co-ordination

15 3.1 Instrument packages: expecting wet and dry tests during March (IFREMER, PML, ENSTA) 3.4 Logistics: will need to write up diary of events for the deployment of the cable from beginning to end (IFREMER) 3.5 Development and fabrication of the proof of concept: Cable to be deployed (June 2012); Instruments attached. Need to sort out environmental parameter measurement. 3.6 Acoustics to be plugged into cable (June 2012) WP3 - Technology

16 WP4 - Feasibility 4.1 Economic model for phase II (PML) – report being finalised, submitted in next reporting period 4.2 Site surveys – reports required for both sides of the Channel (IFREMER, PML) 4.3 Legal Framework – will be tied up with 4.1 4.4 Early test of the proof-of-concept via pilot site – (IFREMER, others); starting in June 2012

17 WP5 – Public outreach etc. 5.1: Touring exhibition, public outreach web portal, best practice model, report on public awareness, report on learning outcomes, educative activities, storyboard and bi-lingual questionnaires. 5.2: Sustainability of the partnership 5.3: Disseminate outcomes and achievements, regionally and European level: final conference?

18 What next? Open discussion. Future of the partnership Possible future funding mechanisms Conferences / workshops / papers –Oceans of Potential – September 2012.

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