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Presentation Building 101 Creating And Presenting In PowerPoint.

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2 Presentation Building 101 Creating And Presenting In PowerPoint

3 Our Objective

4 Starting the Ball Rolling New Presentation Choose a Design Template (Azure) Choose an AutoLayout Add Title Add Text

5 Add a Second Slide Insert a New Slide Choose an appropriate AutoLayout Add Title Add Text

6 Slide with Text & Graphics Insert New Slide & choose AutoLayout for Text & Clipart Add Title & Text Double Click on Clipart Box to choose clipart

7 Adding Graphics Clip Gallery Double-Click on a Category Choose a graphic Click OK Right-Click and select Format Picture to Resize

8 Adding Sounds Sounds play for the Current Slide ONLY Insert Menu/Movies and Sounds Choose Sound from File Default Folder is your MS Office Installation Folder Microsoft puts TESTSND.MID in this folder Select this file and click OK

9 Adding Sounds, Part 2 Answer YES to play the sound automatically when the slide is loaded The sound icon is placed on the slide Move the icon to a corner

10 Custom Animations Insert a New Slide Add Title Add Text for FIRST BULLET ONLY Collapse text box around first bullet (Use bottom center handle & drag it up)

11 Add Second Bullet Add a second text object (bullet point) by COPYing the first one (Edit Menu/Copy) Edit Menu/Paste it below the first Align using Arrow Keys & Change Text

12 Tips for Aligning Objects To move or copy a text object, click on the BOUNDARY of the object first Ensure that the text cursor isnt flashing in the text anywhere Move using the arrow keys, its easier to align things precisely

13 Add Third Bullet Add third bullet by copying the 2 nd bullet just like you copied the first. Move using arrow keys & Change Text

14 Custom Animation, Step 1 Pull down the Slide Show menu and select Custom Animation Check the box beside Text 2 Ensure ON MOUSE CLICK is selected

15 Custom Animation, Step 2 Select the Effects Tab Select Fly Select From Right instead of From Left Select Whoosh instead of No Sound

16 Custom Animation, Step 3 Do the same thing for Text 3 and 4 Click OK! Your bullets will fly in when you click the mouse

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