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Mac Set up and printer installation Vaibhav Pandit A&S IT 11/29/2007.

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1 Mac Set up and printer installation Vaibhav Pandit A&S IT 11/29/2007

2 Switch to Intel Processor Fewer Compatibility issues Ease of use More Number of people are using them Why do we have to learn about Macs?

3 Installation Operating System is usually pre installed To re install or upgrade, just restart the computer with the disk in the drive and hold down the C key Else click the install icon of the cd and restart the computer


5 Steps involved Welcome screen and Language selection Destination drive selection Is this the first time installation ?..... else “Archive and install” or “erase and install” Installing additional components


7 OS X Configuration during installation Transfer “Information and identity” from a volume or another mac(migration assistant) Create Administrator account Set up network connection, this requires wireless network ID and password. Wired network is Auto configured using DHCP

8 Where is the Start Button ? Before we get started its better to find similarities, if we are not first time users Quick look at the Mac environment

9 The dock => Quick Launch Apple menu => Start menu System Preference => Control Panel Unified tool bar => Toolbar Trash => Recycling bin Macintosh HD => My computer Finder => Explorer About this mac => System Info Note: no registry so no uninstaller

10 A few more differences There is no Add remove programs in the mac just drag the package to the trash The.pkg extension is similar to the.exe extension of windows. The other common installation format is the.dmg format called disk image similar to linux Usb devices are mounted and ejected differently


12 Click on the apple and choose about this mac You can update software here or choose more info The serial number and all system information can be gathered here

13 How to find the Mac address or Airport ID

14 System preference => Control Panel This can also be found by clicking on the apple Now choose the Print & Fax option to install a printer

15 Click on the + symbol to add a printer The lock is to prevent changes

16 Local Printers are added automatically, a huge driver database is one of the features of Mac Choose IP for setting up network printer

17 choose the correct protocol according to the printer while you enter the IP address of the printer it will automatically identify and install the drivers for it

18 Your Printer has been Installed

19 Thank You

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