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2 In order to do Remote Administration, you must first have Filemaker 5.5 server software installed on your server. If you are installing the server software on an Apple computer, a disk will be sent to you or can be accessed on URL below (as username: guest, password: guest). If you are installing the server software on a Windows server, ETS performs the install for you. If you have admin privileges on the server you intend to host the databases on, the software can be accessed on: A request must be made to the Help Desk for the Server Software. \\ets01\sbbc\macintosh\Application\Database\Filemaker Pro 5.5\Server http://systemrecovery/ in either Mac System and OS X System Recoveryhttp://systemrecovery/

3 Remote Administration is made easy for the LAN Administrator (when the installation is done by ETS) A folder is created and placed in the proper FM 5.5 level for access on the NT/Windows 2000 server. (Some locations may vary) It will either be called FM Databases or Hosted Databases (depending on who is doing the install). This folder will be shared out to place databases to be hosted remotely.

4 The Filemaker databases must be in the Filemaker Server 5.5 folder otherwise you will not see your hosted databases. Place the Filemaker databases in the Filemaker Server 5.5 folder that you intend on hosting.

5 1.You can access the folder by logging to the server (where Filemaker was installed) from the Mac through the chooser, 2.Select the Windows Server, 3.Click on FM Databases or Databases. These are the volumes that would be shared out on the Mac. 4.You can access the FM Database folder or Databases through the shares in Network Neighborhood on the PC. Where Shares can be found on the Mac and the PC

6 You must install Filemaker Client Software on the workstation(s) you intend to remotely administer from using the correct version of client to server. 5.0 Client for FM 5.0 Server 5.5/6.0 Client for FM 5.5 Server FM 6.0 is not available for Server YOU CANNOT ADMINISTER FILEMAKER FROM THE SERVER


8 Server Admin plug-in for the PC You will need to go to the ETS01 application server by clicking on: Start, Run and typing in the following path : (username: guest, password: guest if prompted) \\ets01\sbbc\windows\Application\Database\Filemaker Pro 5.5\Server Select the following icon to install the plug-in. Follow install * as normal and stop when prompted what type of install to do. *Be sure to write the key-code down before doing the install. The key-code can be found in the installation folder.

9 Because you are only installing the remote plug-in, you will need to do a custom install. (This should be the only option available to install if Filemaker is already available.) Be sure to select only

10 Complete installation as normal.

11 Server Admin plug-in for the MAC You will need to go to the System Recovery Server and install the Server Admin plug-in by drag/copy the Server Administration in the extension folder located inside the FM 5.5 application. (not the extension folder within the system folder)

12 ACCESSING HOSTED DATABASES THROUGH THE FILEMAKER APPLICATION In Filemaker Server Version 5.0, you would access databases by going through File, Open Host.

13 You can open a remote FM server by selecting “Open Remote”. This will bring you directly to the list of servers available in your network. New function available in FM 5.5

14 You will see your FM Server’s Name/IP with the FM icon on the left of it. Enter FM server password If you do not see your FM server, Select “Specify Host” and type in the IP address of your FM server. If you still do not see your server, Check the FM services in the control panel on your NT server. You know you have the remote plug-in installed if your FM Server is italicized.

15 Once you enter the password for the FM Server, you will see this Remote Administration Box. This will allow you to Open and Close your Filemaker databases. Click “Open File”

16 This dialog box shows what database file(s) are available. (These databases will need to be placed there by you previous to this step.) When you highlight the database that you want to host, just click ok and it is now hosted on the Filemaker “FM” server.

17 Your file is now available for users to access via TCP.

18 When you close a file, be sure to select the individual database first from the list above, then click close. If you have more than one database and you just click close without choosing it from list, then ALL files will close automatically.

19 You cannot access Open File/Close File Possible issues that you may have with remote administration (Refer to slides on how to get Server Plug-In )

20 If you do not see your database(s), it may be because you do not have.fp5 file extension at the end of the filename or the database is not in the right folder. It must be in the Filemaker Server 5.5 folder otherwise you will not see your hosted databases.

21 Check to make sure that the file is not shown as Multi-User Hidden Please note this comment ! All files should read as Multi-User to host in Filemaker.

22 What if you have done all that and you still do not see your file? Then your file may be corrupt. You will need to recover the un-hosted database and host the recovered file. You can change the name of the file once you have verified that the file is accessible. Be sure that the extension is.FP5 on recovered file. What if…

23 Windows NT Windows 2000 Servers HOW TO CHECK FILEMAKER SERVICES

24 Check the services on the NT to see if the Filemaker Service has been started. For Windows NT Services

25 Select Services and scroll down to Filemaker service.

26 If the service is automatic and is not started, highlight and start the service. If the service is automatic and started, highlight, stop and restart the service.

27 Windows 2000 Services Right click on my computer and select manage

28 If the service is automatic and is not started, highlight and start the service. If the service is automatic and started, highlight, stop and restart the service.

29 What if I click File, “Open Remote” and do not see my server but see zones instead?

30 You will need to open Filemaker, select Edit in the menu bar and Preferences. Change your Network Protocol from Apple Talk to TCP/IP*. *Once you Quit and Restart the Filemaker application, you will see the TCP/IP protocol will become active.

31 What if…. The FM Server is grayed out in the host when you try to do remote administration? Remote administration is disabled on the NT/Windows server. Go into the FM console, right click and select properties. Go to the Administration tab.

32 At this screen, you will see that the disabled tab is selected. Unselect the tab and choose “Requires password” Click apply, then ok. You should now be able to log on to the FM server through your remote Workstation. If you are unable to, perform this function, contact ETS and we will enable it for you.


34 Filemaker is usually installed on the AS400 Server unless you request a CD to install on an Apple Computer

35 There *should be two methods of backup used for Filemaker on the AS400’s One should be done directly through the application using the Filemaker Server Application “Console”. The other through the TSM (Tivoli) Software that resides on the server (installed by ETS). You will see an icon on the desktop *TSM has not been installed on all of the AS 400’s.

36 Filemaker 5.0 Server Using Console Location To access the FM Console on 5.0 Server

37 Filemaker 5.0 Server Using Console Location Back ups should be Scheduled to run 5 days a week Location of where databases will be backed up to.

38 Filemaker 5.5 Server Location

39 A schedule is created and will show in this location And will be backed up to a folder in the program files location. May vary upon server to server.

40 USING FILEMAKER VIA VPDN In order to access Filemaker via TCP/IP through VPDN dial up, you will need to specify host and type in the name of the Server/IP that your databases reside on. This will enable you to access files on your FM server.

41 Things to know when using Filemaker 5.5 Server/Client Software You cannot administer FM 5.5 Server using 5.0 client software. You can administer 6.0 using 5.5 plugin. You cannot read FM 5.5 or 5.0 databases in Filemaker 4. While in FM 5.5, you can create layouts, fields and add objects without un-hosting the database. It is recommended that you do not run FM 5.5 Server software together w/AppleShare Software on a Mac server.

42 Things to know when using Filemaker 5.5 Server/Client Software There is a known issue that if you install Filemaker software on a client workstation that contains BRIO below Version 6.2, you will not be able to access the TCP/IP network protocol through Filemaker because a custom install was required without the ODBC that would allow this protocol. If you have the latest Version “6.2”, you should be fine.

43 Things to know when Upgrading Filemaker Server from 5.0 to 5.5 On the Apple Computer When upgrading your server on the Apple computer from 5.0 to 5.5, you must first take your folder housing your databases from the application folder and move it to your desktop (temporarily). Trash the FM 5.0 Server application and install FM 5.5 Server software. Replace the database folder back to the same location on the new server software that you have just upgraded to.

44 If you added the Server Admin Plug-in and you still cannot administer Filemaker, go to Edit, Preference, Application and click on Plug-ins. Make sure there is a check mark in the Server Administration box.

45 If you have any questions regarding any issues, please contact the ETS Help Desk.


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