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The Difference is in the Delivery Highly-Efficient, Cost-effective, Broadcast over the Internet.

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1 The Difference is in the Delivery Highly-Efficient, Cost-effective, Broadcast over the Internet

2 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 The Difference is in the Delivery Abacast patented technology greatly improves the delivery of one-to-many real-time streaming media.

3 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Distributed Streaming ab cd bcd a abcd cd ab abcd abc d abcd abc d

4 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Reduction in Bandwidth Example Network Efficiency - Audio Total Audience 1882 Total Audience X 48Kbps = 88.2Mbps 102 Direct Connected X 48Kbps = 4.8Mbps Bandwidth Saved = 83.4Mbps

5 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Example Network Efficiency - Video Reduction in Bandwidth Total Audience 442 Total Audience X 350Kbps = 150.07Mbps 179 Direct Connected X 61.18Kbps = 4.8Mbps Bandwidth Saved = 89.9Mbps

6 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Abacast Compared to Peer-to-Peer ?Not like classic peer-to-peer ?Each user is in constant contact with the server for real-time QoS monitoring ?Real-time redirection (no stale peer lists) ?Users do not know anything about each other ?Users do not store anything for each other ?Users are only distribute signal when actively connected ?If the user needs their upstream bandwidth they always have priority over Abacast distribution of the stream

7 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Abacast Compared to Unicast ?Similarities: 8Full DRM Compatibility 8Media Formats: ?Server plug-in architecture allows for quick adaptation for any format - Windows Media, MP3, aacPlus, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, … 8Encoding 8Media Players: ?Client plug-in architecture allows for quick adaptation to any player - Windows Media, Real, Winamp, Custom with API 8End-User Operations 8Browser Independent

8 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Abacast Compared to Unicast ?Important Differences: Efficiency 8Scalability 8Reduced Infrastructure Deployment 8Stability, Adaptability 8Quality of Service Monitoring all the way to end-user

9 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Quality of Service - Better Stream Connection ?Abacast technology has proven higher quality stream connections than standard unicast stream technology. ?In side-by-side comparisons Abacast Enabled streams had fewer breaks, skips, or buffers than standard unicast streaming technology. ?The result is that listeners and viewers stay connected to your streams longer and have better streaming experiences with fewer interruptions.

10 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 DualGrid ?New Product (November of 2006) ?Live and On-demand streaming technology in a single solution ?Live events followed by On-demand archives ?Live 24 by 7 broadcast with individual show archives ?Includes automated archival process ?Includes download and push options ?1 st commercial solution of it type

11 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Corporate Streaming and File Distribution 8Extremely Efficient 8No expensive equipment 8Significantly less IT staff time 8More efficient than hardware Multicast 8Drastically less expensive 8and unlike traditional hardware multicasting, it really works! DualGrid provides all the benefits of Multicast and Edge Serving without any of the setup time, hassle, or expense.

12 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Full Service Offering ?Lowest Cost, Highest Quality Live Streaming ?DualGrid – Live and On-demand P2P streaming ?Complete, Real-time Statistics including Cume, AQH, Peak, Average Duration, Uniques, Sessions, and more… ?Full End-user Support & Extensive Knowledge Base ?24 by 7 Premier Customer Support ?Ad/Content Injection variable length, unique buffering system, affidavit reports, several trigger types… ?Digital Right Management ?Automatic Encoder Pager Alert System ?Hosted Services and Technology Only

13 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Full Service Offering ?Live and On-Demand Unicast Streaming ?Subscription Systems ?Podcasting ?Cellular Streaming ?Automatic Archiving ?Web/Player Design ?Audio Processing Cards ?Virtual Video Drivers ?Encoding Software

14 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Network Statistics Real-time Peak & Duration, also Cume, AQH,…

15 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Questions

16 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 P2PTV Trends ?More interest now than ever before ?Video surpassing audio ?Seen as required technology for effective business planning ?Most broadcasters surprised at how long the technology has been around and how well it works ?Many new entrants into the market place ?Commercial vs FREE ?Several hurdles still exist…

17 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Client-side Plug-in adsp:// Media Server Media Player Plain Streaming Abacast Enabled Streaming Encoder

18 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 P2P Technology Implementation ?Continuing stigma from the past ?Sill alternative technology ?Becoming more pervasive ?Lack of standardization ?Requires client-side plug-in installation/acceptance ?Many broadcasters are hesitant to impose client- side plug-in on audience ?Complications of asynchronous data connections and high bitrate streaming 8On-demand vs Live

19 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Implementation Strategies ?Ideal - technology included in media player ?Installation ideas 8Download size 8Quick and easy vs. educational 8Trust relationships 8Timing ?Value proposition for consumer 8Content is King – Sole source 8Increased quality for commodity content

20 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Proven Network Technology ?Over six (6) years in operation ?40,034,200 plug-in downloads (as of February 1st, 2007) ?Better than expected network efficiency ?~10 million end-user hours per month ?~3.6 million uniques per month ?Webcast Metrics Top Stations ?Windows Media Guide Featured Stations

21 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Client Download Process ?Fast and Easy Download and Installation (~900KBytes) ?Customizable to Broadcaster ?White label ready ?Multilanguage Support ?API for Custom Applications

22 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Plug-in Acceptance ?Highest in subscription models ?Higher in sole source content ?Higher with broadcaster promotion ?Higher in good value added proposition ?Almost always higher than anticipated by broadcaster ?More pervasive use of such technologies will help acceptance

23 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Results ?62% acceptance in general commoditized content ?78% where added value and promotion strategies are used 8Not good figures on those who can not accept higher quality streams 8No figures on those who change their minds over time ?93% with sole source content ?99% in subscription based models

24 Patent No. 6,970,937 B1 Questions

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