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MediaSentry Overview DCIA P2P MARKET CONFERENCE March 17, 2009.

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1 MediaSentry Overview DCIA P2P MARKET CONFERENCE March 17, 2009

2 MediaSentry Overview Leading provider of hosted application services for digital media measurement for the entertainment industry MediaSentry Digital Intelligence Platform measures global demand for digital content in near real-time and is used by clients to achieve an unprecedented level of visibility into peer-to-peer (P2P) and user-generated content (UGC) websites Large network of intelligent monitoring agents and proprietary databases that track, verify, measure, and report on digital media consumption activity Currently serves leading media companies including Disney, Warner Brothers, ABC, CBS, and Sony Pictures MediaSentry is a subsidiary of SafeNet, a Vector Capital portfolio company, headquartered in Morristown, NJ Peer-to-PeerUGC MediaSentry Coverage Page 2

3 Market Overview P2P and UGC websites are increasingly becoming popular as consumers decrease their dependency on traditional forms of media and move online 20 billion+ digital files (films, music, tv, games, etc) are accessed online monthly by a global audience exceeding 1.5 billion users 1 1.5 billion+ searches are initiated on P2P networks each day 2 P2P software downloads exceed 1 billion worldwide Source: 1 comScore Video Metrix Online Video Properties Reports. 2 Tiversa. 3 comScore qSearch analysis, August 2008. 4 Pew Internet Research. 5 MultiMedia Intelligence. The entertainment and media landscape is evolving, making consumer behavior harder and harder to understand and predict; content producers and advertisers must look beyond traditional metrics to establish a holistic view of consumer preferences and habits Page 3

4 Market Overview Why P2P is still growing? Quality Access to vast catalog beyond any online store or service High-quality audio and video Convenience Time-shifting: Watch content anytime Portability: Play and transfer to any device, TV, etc. without DRM Geography: Syndication restraints (for TV, music) removed Market penetration P2P has become the predominant form of media consumption for millions of consumers globally over the past 8 years P2P networks are gaining traction as an accurate and cost-effective proxy for consumer demand due to their large global audience and comprehensive catalog of premium content Page 4

5 MediaSentry Product Strategy Anti-Piracy services are our legacy. We have leveraged 6 years of experience with global media leaders and industry associations and the most tested service infrastructure to build best-in-class set of services. Notification Services is one area where we have proven the superiority of our new platform and tapped into a global customer base (recent wins in UK, Germany, India, Austria) Our platform has grown to include the most comprehensive audience measurement services of peer-to-peer demand. Our customers include traditional media firms, ad agencies and other publishers large and small, as well as new user communities (Research, Marketing, New Media, not just Anti-Piracy and Legal) Anti-Piracy Notification Information Digital Distribution Page 5 As P2P and UGC channels emerge as increasingly significant and legitimate digital channels, demand for Information Services is expected to grow

6 MediaSentry Syndication of content collection started in 2008 MediaSentry 2003-2008 Market Research DistributionLegal CopyrightEnforcement Asia Europe United States Gaming,Publishing TV Film (non-major) Music (non-major) Film (major Studio) Music (major label) NotificationServices Information Services Digital Distribution MediaSentry USER GROUPS INDUSTRY SEGMENTS GEOGRAPHY APPLICATIONS 2009

7 MediaSentry Service Overview MediaSentry Service Overview Information we collect, globally Titles Episode / Platform File Size File Name Client Version % of File FW / Natted Client Hash Geography (Country, Region, City) Language Date/Time ISP Origin (corporation, university, military, government) Peer-to-peer protocol (BitTorrent, etc) ------------------------------------------------------------------ UGC site (Youtube, Myspace, Veoh, DailyMotion) UGC User View Count Play Duration Rating Description

8 MediaSentry Service Summary Analysis of Global Demand on Peer-to-Peer Market Analysis Top 5 markets by Title Pimsleur Spanish 7 Habits 1776 Content Analysis Popularity of audiobooks vs. ebooks Audio book E book 4% 96% Title Analysis Versions found * 879 Individual requests10,333/wk * Search requests were concentrated among the most popular, highest quality versions. 1234512345

9 Piracy Impact Analysis for Popular Video Game Understand how pre-release leaked content and then market release drive consumer awareness and P2P demand Impact of Pre-release Leaks

10 Sample Gaming Study BitTorrent eDonkey 65% 35% Data provides insight into how people are acquiring content... …and in which markets it is most popular

11 Impact of Global Release Windows P2P demand driven by local market activity airing of new TV episode in Germany results in significant spike

12 Impact of local language sources Popular 2008 holiday film release: first 45 days

13 Sample Film Analysis Top 10 MarketsLanguage Sources 1 Italy 2 Spain 3 France 4 US 5 UK 6 Romania 7 Poland 8 Sweden 9 Canada 10 Netherlands

14 Sample Comparative Film Analysis Time-shifted by Country

15 Geographical Analysis Gauge audience demand by country Drill down into region-specific data

16 Page 16 Highlights Domain IP Custom Framework Market Need Future Tracking the industry since the days of Napster Experience that withstood the test of 30,000 civil cases Ease of innovation Rapid expansion of networks and titles Agnostic measurement platform Global visibility (12-15M users daily) Low cost Serving the full value chain: anti-piracy to distribution Helping P2P gain commercial acceptance, slowly but surely

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