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Akamai networks,48000 servers and 70 countries in the world.

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1 Akamai -1100 networks,48000 servers and 70 countries in the world.
Why does Akamai need to geographically disperse its servers to deliver its customers’ Web content? The biggest reason is to devise faster routes for information to travel. Akamai networks,48000 servers and 70 countries in the world. Some of its customers include Apple, NASDAQ, GM, XM radio motors and many more. It has more than government and corporate customers. Akamai serves over 1 million simultaneous media streams on a typical day.

2 AKAMAI There are over 500,000 visitors per minute to U.S. music sites.
Video traffic of all kinds will increase to more than 50% of Internet capacity by 2013 and internet video will generate over 18 exabytes per month as per Cisco. Akamai recognizes the optimum server for the user and translates it to the local server which helps in getting a better speed.

3 If you wanted to deliver software content over the Internet would you sign up for Akamai’s service? Why or why not? We would absolutely sign up for Akamai’s service. Akamai replicates information and puts the information onto local servers so users can access the content quicker and easier. Statistics show that if a page or download takes more then a few seconds consumers will shop elsewhere. Signing up for service through Akamai would be  a smart investment. If you use the Internet for anything - to download music or software, check the headlines, book a flight - you've probably used Akamai's services without even knowing it. Akamai plays a critical role in getting content from providers to consumers. Pages and content are can be delivered four to ten times as fast as non-Akamaized content.

4 What advantages does an advertiser derive from using Akamai's Edge Service?
 It provides enterprises with the intelligence generated by the Internet's  most accurate and comprehensive knowledge base of the Internet network activity enables optimal collection of geography and bandwidth sensing information provides a highly accurate base with the worldwide coverage Advertisers can deliver ads based on country, region, city, market area, area code, county, zip code, connection type, and speed. Can see several interesting visualizations of the Internet that log basic real time Web activity

5 What kinds of products might benefit from this kind of service?
Akamai's core technology powers the Akamai EdgePlatform. Customers use this platform to mitigate shortcomings of the Internet in delivering their Web sites, content, and applications. Some products may include:  Streaming  License Delivery  Net Storage  HTTP downloads  Global Traffic Management  Enhanced DNS

6 Why should Akamai be wary of P2P networks?
Challenged by new upstart companies that use less expensive technologies Formerly illegal P2P sites have entered into the legitimate Content Delivery Networks                                                                         eDonkey Peer to peer system of nodes without central infrastructure

7 How could it counter competition from P2P networks?
They have an advantage of more technological capabilities to deliver videos and TV shows that are in very high demand Akamai can adopt the same distribution technology as the new upstart companies

8 With the demand for high-bandwidth music and video exploding, why isn't Akamai's stock performing better? Akamai’s stock was severely impacted because of the crash of 2008, in which the company was losing a big percentage of value as 75% and selling at a lower rate per share as a $10. 

9   If you were an investor, what factors would encourage you to invest in Akamai’s?
 Akamai has aggressively outbid its competitors on price which has helped the company retain and    grow its customer base of media websites. What factors would discourage you?  Akamai stock down to market perform with speculative risk from the market outperform.

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