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Community Clouds - All Together Now - Ann Greenberg Nov 2012.

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1 Community Clouds - All Together Now - Ann Greenberg Nov 2012

2 Agenda Public, Private & Community Clouds Community Cloud Pros and Cons Examples of Community Clouds IGT Cloud Google Government Cloud Optum Health Care Cloud Collaboration Requires Community: Sceneplay bringing your audience to life

3 Community Clouds Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Community Cloud NIST definition – an infrastructure shared by several organizations that supports a specific community that has shared concerns.

4 Community Clouds Pros Security – protect IP Legal/compliance Strongest adoption in government, healthcare and financial Cons Development Broad adoption has been slow

5 IGT Cloud Source: IGT,,

6 Google Government Cloud Announced September 2009 Google Apps for Government Unique regulatory and compliance requirements FISMA certification - Federal Information Security Management Act Segregated system Used by governmental organizations in 45 U.S. states December 2010 – GSA is first federal agency to move email to a cloud-based solution agencywide. nt nt

7 Optum Health Care Cloud Announced February 2012 United Healthcare Group Secure platform to enable collaboration necessary to improve patient care, reduce costs Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Insurers Remove barriers to applications development and help health care professionals work together to enhance patient care HIPPA compliant, patient dashboard for information and apps, Secure text and video chat, integrate biometric monitors, etc. Tech partners: Cisco, IBM, HP, EMC Environment-Enables Environment-Enables cloud/benefits/ cloud/benefits/

8 Collaboration requires Community Gracenote, CoLos Colabs Collaboration drives ever shifting technical boundaries and partnerships in the Age of Co-Creation Profound shift from viewers to doers reflecting new desires, changing the nature of content. Sceneplay is a content generation engine that crowdsources the creation of branded content. Sceneplay orchestrates the collaboration between users and celebrities

9 Forecast for Community Clouds Excitement that community clouds can benefit groups with complimentary needs by allowing them to share the risk (cost) associated with customized (private) development. In the end its a matter of careful assessment of business requirements, models, technology, and partnerships. But the key to benefiting from community clouds is leadership and imagination in knowing when to cooperate and when to compete

10 Thank you! Ann Greenberg @Sceneplay

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