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LINC Directors Group April 17, 2003 Lincoln Trail Libraries System.

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1 LINC Directors Group April 17, 2003 Lincoln Trail Libraries System

2 Agenda n LTLS zILLANE Response n RFU Process n Communications Process n LINC Users Survey n LINC Shared Costs n FY2004 LINC Financial Costs n LINC Policy Council Nominating Committee

3 zILLANE Response Package n Three parts required by ISL F Response to Big Picture questions F Response to Sub-recommendations F Willing/Able Matrix

4 zILLANE Response Package u Response Package Process F Webcast with ISL & LTLS F Meeting at ISL w/ LTLS, LPC member F 2 Open Forums @ LTLS F 1 Open Forum @ Hoopeston F Initial Draft by LTLS, reviewed by zILLANE Study Committee (3 LPC/LDG, 3 LTLS Board, LTLS staff) F Posted on LTLS web site with form for comments F LTLS Response submitted 3/31

5 zILLANE Response Process u ISL Statewide Committees F Evaluation F Coordinating F Technical Specifications F Bibliographic Control F Fiscal F Promotion u Committees will assist ISL in how to implement zILLANE Final Report by 6/30/03 u Coordinating Committee Review by 8/2003

6 RFU Process Update u Final RFU sent to Dynix, Inc. on 3/19 u Remaining timeline F Written Dynix, Inc. Queston due to LTLS 4/4/2003 F LTLS reponses to Dynix, Inc. questions - 4/11/2003 F Proposal due from Dynix, Inc. - 4/18/2003 F Demonstrations by Dynix, Inc - 4/24/2003

7 RFU Process u Evaluation by Committee(s) u Action by LPC/LDG u Action by LTLS Board u Final decision by 5/2/2003 u If Dynix, Inc. not chosen, send out to other vendors with modified timeline

8 LINC Shared Costs n Philosophy n Who determines the formula? n What is the formula? n What does the Revenue pay for? n Where do we get the data? n Do we charge a membership fee? n When do new libraries start paying n Do we have a Capital Replacement Fund?

9 LINC Costs FY 2004 n 2004 Ongoing Costs n 2004 Cataloging Costs u Cataloging Center u Batchload u Authority Control u Web-based Resources

10 LINC Nominating Committee n 5 LINC Policy Council Positions open 6/30/2003 u 3 At-Large Representatives u 1 Special/Academic Representative u 1 Public Library over 10,000 Representative

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