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LINC Policy Council July 13, 2005 Lincoln Trail Libraries System.

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1 LINC Policy Council July 13, 2005 Lincoln Trail Libraries System

2 Agenda u Agree on meeting dates for FY2006 u A review of FY2005 u FY2006 planned activities u Consideration of individual itypes

3 FY2005 Review u Completed many tasks/fixed problems leftover from FY2004 migration u Upgraded to Horizon 7.3 and LINCPac 3.04 in July 2005 u Implemented WebReporter after upgrade u Implemented WebFeat, a federated search engine with access to 12 databases

4 FY2005 Review u Implemented RPA (Remote Patron Authentication) u Implemented DebtCollect u Changed/edited/deleted some existing LINC policies u Implemented LINC FAQ site and made LINC Update a biweekly e- publication

5 FY2005 Review u Brought 3 libraries online; 3 additional libraries signed contracts to join (now at 96 members) u LINCPac Enhancements Committee recommended changes to LINCPac; these were approved by LINC Policy Council and changes were made in April 2005

6 FY2005 Review u LINC Itype Reduction Committee recommended move to shared itypes; these were approved by LINC Policy Council and implementation began in May 2005 u Retrained library staff on live Horizon database u Implemented PromptCat with Baker&Taylor order records for the consortium

7 FY2005 Review u Accomplished great numbers: Over 4 million total circulation (up 5%) Over 400,000 holds placed (up 38%) Over 728,000 bib records (up 9%) Over 1.6 million web catalog searches (up 215%)

8 FY2006 Activities u Upgrade to Horizon 7.4 and HIP 4.0 scheduled for August 18, 19 2005 u Implement changes with new HIP 4.0 functionality after upgrade in August u Implement Horizon Media Scheduling module

9 FY2006 Activities u Implement Overdrive with NSLS u Upgrade to WebReporter 4.0 and work on adding customized reports Implement NDP (Normative Data Project) with Dynix (

10 FY2006 Activities u Implement Cymphonix network software with Champaign et al u Revisit local holds policy u Form electronic resources standing committee

11 FY2006 Activities u Implement fugitive facts component of Community Resources module u Serve as beta site for Horizon 8.0 u Upgrade to Horizon 8.0 in winter 2006

12 FY2006 Activities u Train library staff on Horizon 8.0 u Implement Horizon electronic resource management policies/module u Continue to expand PromptCat with other vendors

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