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Support Provider Workshop #4 Transitioning to FACT.

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1 Support Provider Workshop #4 Transitioning to FACT

2 What If.... If you could change 3 things about the BTSA Induction program to better meet the needs of SPs and PTs, what changes would you make? Why? P.S. Formative assessment, professional development and meetings are still required.

3 Outcomes Have knowledge of changes in Induction Standards Clear understanding of FACT System and changes to program for 08-09 Provide opportunities to discuss formative assessment and surface benefits/ issues Be informed about local district communication

4 Just the FACTs, Maam FACT is... 4 modules Context Initial Assessment of Practice Inquiry End of Year Reflection


6 Explore the forms In table groups, Review each module Make connections with CFASST (Whats familiar?) Identify what is new!

7 Revision of Induction Standards 15 17 18 19 20 16 Current Induction Standards New Induction Standards 5 6 ELL Equity Spec Pops

8 Exploring Completion Review a sample Inquiry to notice... Inquiry focus – cover Requirements for completion- Inside L Connections to Standard – Inside R Program Questions – Back Side How does this form of completion better serve the PT? SP?

9 CFASST Induction Portfolio St 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 FACT St 5, 6 Professional Development Program Requirements Professional Development

10 Proposed Schedule Review the proposed schedule of meetings for Year One and Year Two PTs next year. 07-08 3 District CFASST Mtgs 4 SP Wk Sh Mtgs 08-09 4 District CFASST Mtgs 3 SP Wk Sh Mtgs

11 Session Reflection Please complete the session reflection before leaving.

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