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Beast Rider Introduction. Game Background The game background is separated into 4 chapters: Order, saltation, catastrophe and seek Tao. In ancient time,

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1 Beast Rider Introduction

2 Game Background The game background is separated into 4 chapters: Order, saltation, catastrophe and seek Tao. In ancient time, the world order was broke by the monkey, causing the holy stone which was used to repair the welkin broke into pieces and fell down to the earth. (Peachblossom garden, Sho mountain, hell city etc. territory in the game world) Players mission is to find the lost stone pieces and restore the lost order through their journey in seeking Tao.

3 Table of Contents Part 2 Game feature Part 3 Version plan Part 4 Game image Part 1 Company info

4 Table of Contents Part 1 Company info

5 Company Information Elf Beast Rider Xiamen Qiyu Technology ltd was founded in October, 2003 as a independent online game Research and Develop company. The company is located in Xiamen New Technology District. Focus on the deep Chinese culture, Qiyu Technology has developed many successful products in China market. Two of Qiyus major products Beast Rider and Elf had reached millions of registered users

6 Table of Contents Part 2 Game feature

7 Product Information Website Operation state: OBT Mode Turn-based MMORPG Genre Fantasy Name Beast Rider

8 System Configuration ItemMinimumRecommended CPUPentium III 800Celeron2.0G RAM128M512M HDD1.9GB>2GB Self developed game engine. Lower system requirement.

9 Target Audience Product position Easy to play Casual mmorpg, relax in battle. Outstanding battle performance. Target audience Young people age from 14-25 Welcomed by female players Fantasy Journey to the West Ask Tao fans and players.

10 Professions Warrior: A brutal warrior fights violently in battle. Advanced profession: Asura Kingkong Paladin: A proud paladin with honorable family background. Advanced profession: Combat Master Bow Master

11 Professions Doctor: A master of herbal medicine and poison. Gentle and patient. Advanced profession Witch Doctor Holy Doctor Mage: They admire power of nature and control element power Advanced profession Magic Master Spell Bringer

12 Pet System Two ways to obtain pets: Buy pet capture item and use it to catch monsters in battle. Monster will be sealed in a monster stone. For rare pets( BOSS), player need to use Magic Mirror to weaken the monster and then use item to catch it. Three pet types Wuqu Tianji Taiyin Different pets have different talents, and can learn different skills.

13 Holy Beast Obtain beast: Player lv25 finish required mission Beast combination Find the combination stone, choose the beast type you want to combine to generate your beast. Beast system is an important feature of Beast Rider. The ride is a strong back up in battle. High level beasts are very hard to obtain.

14 Giant BeastRaise characters physical damage and defense. Can assist player to attack enemy. Beasts Rhinoceros Kuiniu Xuanwu Holy Beast Elf BeastIncrease characters magic damage, causing AOE damage to enemy. Beasts Gourd Nine-tail Ying Dragon

15 Demon BeastRaise characters ability to weaken enemy. Beasts Incubus Chaos Henggong fish Holy Beast Combat BeastIncrease characters physical damage and causing critical damage. Beast Black wolf Flame dragon White tiger

16 Fairy BeastRaise characters ability to recover to extend players in battle time. Beasts Fairy sheep Pixiu Kylin Holy Beast

17 Game Feature Instant Turn-based Using the instant turn-based battle mode. Beast rider is more exciting and interesting. The speed bar on the characters head accumulates according to players speed. Player can attack when the speed bar is fully charged.

18 Game Feature Two in one Two in one means the master and the beast understand each other that they can combine their soul together to form a strong attack. Player and beast can outcast the skill in emergency and tip the scales.

19 Game Feature Slave Trading Slave trading is a very popular SNS playing in China. Player can buy his friends as slaves and sell them to others.

20 Game Feature Cool Character Looking The character has 4 professions and 8 advanced professions to choose. Different profession character has different skills and different function in fighting. The characters appearance changes according to their profession development.

21 Game Feature PK System The game focus on battle practice, PK match, etc. Later it will release large scale PK including city siege, guild PK etc.

22 Table of Contents Part 3 Version Plan

23 Version Plan Present version Version code 0.31 Version content OBT Top level 80 Professions 13 Free items 23 Mall items 26 Skills 145 Gears 4300+ Maps 72 Quests 600+ Monsters Ordinary 5100+ Quest Boss 100+ Dungeon Boss 24 Dungeon 5 Game time 6 months

24 Version Plan Version Code 0.33 Version Master and apprentice Version content Master and apprentice system mall item 2009-08-31 Version Code 1.00 Version Guild Version content Guild system city siege 2009-10-31

25 Items ItemOptionTypeRemark Reset pillReset beast talentsCharges Monster +Increase monster numberHours Monster -Decrease monster numberHours Double expDouble exp for characterHours Pet double expDouble exp for petHours Avoid pillAvoid battleHours Suppress CardIncrease BOSS appearanceHours Reset potionReset player attributesCharges Reset remedyReset Pet talentsCharges Luck pillNo death penaltyCharges Gods magicAutomatic mp restoreConsuming Gods lifeAutomatic hp restoreConsuming

26 Systems SystemStateVersion PartyAlready have0.31 GuildUnder development0.50 PetAlready have0.31 BeastAlready have0.31 Combination/RefinementAlready have0.31 BoothAlready have0.31 CostumeIn schedule0.60 MarriageIn schedule0.33 Master & apprenticeUnder development0.33 Guild warIn schedule0.90 Country warIn schedule1.00 City constructionIn schedule1.00

27 Server Structure Update ServerGame Server Game DB Account Server

28 Table of Contents Part 4 Game Images

29 Screenshot





34 Poster


36 Original Painting



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