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Arecont Vision Detail Matters IP MegaPixel Camera Technology.

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1 Arecont Vision Detail Matters IP MegaPixel Camera Technology

2 Government Industrial Retail Transportation Markets Served License plate IDFace recognitionFinancial transactionsCasino monitoring MegaVideo® delivers HDTV imagery for resolution-sensitive applications

3 Growth of MegaPixel Analog cameras are governed by 50 year old NTSC/PAL standards with no resolution upgrade path. Compare current analog-to-megapixel transition to that of black-and-white to color. Color video provided more information, offering better ability to identify objects and to discern the details of the scene.

4 Growth of MegaPixel Similarly, megapixel video offers the ability to dramatically improve forensic quality of the video. MegaPixel technology is quickly becoming mainstream -- Networks are pervasive, storage is accessible, computers are friendly, and the cost has come down. Large-scale IP installations with entire service station chains, cities, retail stores, campuses using thousands of our megapixel cameras.

5 Previous Barriers Slow Frame Rates Poor Low Light Sensitivity Large Physical Dimensions High Cost

6 Previous Barriers Large physical Dimensions The cameras have become very compact fitting well in the popular in the industry small domes and enclosures.

7 Previous Barriers Slow Frame Rates On-camera image processing of real-time multi-megapixel video requires many billions of operations per second. Just to put this in perspective, it would take many modern PCs put together to do the same amount of image processing. This resulted in slow frame rates and high prices of the megapixel cameras that rely on programmable DSPs for their image processing functionality. Advances in programmable logic chips have enabled Arecont Vision to develop an extremely cost-efficient massively-parallel image processing technology, MegaVideo®, that delivers full resolution multi-megapixel images at video frame rates

8 Previous Barriers Poor Light Sensitivity Megapixel cameras do have smaller pixels leading to less sensitivity than is typical for low-resolution cameras. Innovative camera architectures have been developed to address this problem. As an example, Arecont Vision has a dual- sensor day/night camera, AV3130, that automatically selects between 3 megapixel color sensor in the day time and infrared- sensitive 1.3 megapixel monochrome sensor at night. Using a sensor with much larger pixels under low light conditions allows to combine high resolution daylight imaging with very high nighttime sensitivity. Like other camera makers we also offer more conventional single-sensor day/night cameras based on electro-mechanical removal of IR filter.

9 Previous Barriers High Cost Camera prices have dropped dramatically due to a reduction in the cost of the camera electronics. Specialized multi-sensor camera architectures also provide a reduction in the cost per area under surveillance even further. For Example, Arecont Vision panoramic quad-sensor cameras. These SurroundVideo® cameras multiplex multiple images over single network connection, taking advantage of the very high speed image processing engine and the flexibility afforded by the IP-based image delivery. The result is the 8 megapixel cameras delivering instant no- moving-parts PTZ at the fraction of the cost of multiple IP cameras that would be required to provide the same coverage

10 Current Barriers Increased Bandwidth Requirements Increased Storage Requirements

11 Current Barriers Increased Bandwidth &Storage Requirements Perhaps the only remaining barrier to a widespread adoption is the fact that it does take more bandwidth and more storage to transmit and store megapixel images. While this limitation is quite obvious – the solution is also quite clear. It is well known that most of the camera makers have been working on transitioning currently used MJPEG compression to MPEG-based. The expectation is that complete lines of megapixel cameras utilizing H.264 compression will start appearing on the market as early as Q1, 2008. This will reduce bandwidth and storage requirements by as much as an order of magnitude, with more efficient solutions priced only incrementally higher than the current offerings.

12 Resolution 101 ResolutionPixelsCamera Model 640x4800.3MP4Cif-Low Res IP/Analog 1280x7200.9MPHDTV 720p 1280x10241.3MPAV1300M & AV3130M 1600x12002MPAV2100M 1920x10802.1MPHDTV 1080p 2048x15363.1MPAV3100M & AV3130M 2592x19445MPAV5100M 6400x12008MPAV8360 & AV8180 4x 2MP sensors yield 360° & 180° FOV

13 Arecont 5.0 MP 2592x1944 Arecont 3.1 MP 2048x1536 Arecont 2.0 MP 1600x1200 Resolution Comparison Arecont 1.3 MP 1280x1024 VGA 640x480 CIF 352x288

14 Resolution Benefit ResolutionPixelsPixel Density Benefit (Unity) 640x4800.3MPNTSC / VGA (Unity) (300 %) 1280x7200.9MPHDTV 1 (300 %) (425 %) 1280x10241.3MPAV3100 (425 %) (625 %) 1600x12002MPAV2100 (625 %) (675%) 1920x10802.1MPHDTV 2 (675%) (1025%) 2048x15363.1MPAV31xxM (1025%) (1640%) 2592x19445MPAV5100M (1640%) (2500%) 6400x12008MPAV8xxx (2500%) SurroundVideo® Panoramic Technology

15 Consider Pixels/Foot Detail Matters: More Pixels Equals More Detail Facial or License plate recognition requires approximately 140 pixels per foot NTSC ~ 4.5 1.3 MP ~ 9.1 2 MP ~ 11.4 3 MP ~ 14.6 5 MP ~ 18.5 Horizontal Coverage @ 140 pixels per foot

16 Field of View Field-of-View width at a specific distance

17 Detail Matters (CIF – 320 x 240) (VGA – 640 x 480) (D1 – 720 x 480) (HDTV 1 – 1280 x 720) (1.3 M-pix – 1280 x 1024) (2 M-pix – 1600 x 1200) (HDTV 2 – 1920 x 1080) (3 M-pix – 2048 x 1536) (5 M-pix – 2592 x 1944)

18 The Problem – Limited Field View 720x480 Despite significant progress in consumer imaging, video surveillance is still based on low-resolution cameras based on the Analog standard

19 3 MegaPixel Advantage FOV of High Resolution Analog 720x480

20 Analog:Megapixel Resolution Difference Despite significant progress in consumer imaging, video surveillance is still based on low-resolution cameras based on the Analog standard NTSC CCTV System MegaVideo TM System NTSC CCTV System MegaVideo TM System NTSC CCTV System MegaVideo TM System NTSC CCTV System MegaVideo TM System

21 Megapixel versus Analog Low Resolution Video AV2100M 2.0 Megapixel Analog/low resolution

22 Day/Night Technology Arecont has two types of Day/Night Technology Single Sensor Technology Color Sensor IR cut filter removal technology 4 times the sensitivity of color Dual Sensor Technology 3.0 MP Color and 1.3 MP B&W Sensor 3 times more sensitivity than cut filter removal (12X than color sensor)

23 CMOS in Low Light CMOS today works very well in low light and diverse lighting conditions Each pixel adapts its brightness for virtually any lighting condition.

24 AV3130 or AVxxxxDN with IR Illumination Arecont Dual or Single sensor technology is sensitive to IR light which begins around 700nm Infrared by Extreme CCTV

25 Monochrome Quantum Efficiency Visible Light ends around 650nm to 700nm and IR light begins. The optimal IR wavelength for MegaPixel is approximately 850nm

26 Panoramic Camera Technology Four 2 MP Sensors – 8 MP in Total Each Sensor 1600 x 1200 Total Camera 6400 x 1200 180º or 360º Imaging No Fisheye Lens, No Dewarping Software

27 Panoramic Camera Technology Each Sensor Image is Multiplexed Down a Single Ethernet Camera Connection. Each Sensor Image is Stored as a Separate Channel from a Single Camera No Need for PTZ, No Moving Parts – Record Everything All-the-Time Forensically Zoom on Recorded Images SurroundVideo ® provides High Definition Imaging Throughout Entire Panorama

28 Instantaneous Electronic Pan, Tilt & Zoom with Simultaneous Delivery of Panoramic and Zoomed Video SurroundVideo ® (8 Megapixel) AV8360 90 0 45 0 AV8180

29 Panoramic Video

30 The MegaPixel Benefit Mega Benefit Simply put, megapixel video is a lower cost and much more efficient way to do surveillance and monitoring. The technology has already matured to the point where megapixel camera price is similar to the price of the good quality analog cameras. One megapixel IP camera can replace many analog cameras while providing the same area coverage, yielding much lower overall system cost. Megapixel video enables important functionality simply unattainable with analog cameras: high resolution archives allow zoom-after-event reducing the need for real-time zoom-in decisions by surveillance personnel and, therefore, enabling one person to handle the surveillance of much larger infrastructures. The effectiveness of surveillance with megapixel cameras is also significantly higher than analog cameras can provide. Megapixel cameras can simultaneously deliver multiple video streams in different format. This allows for zooming on some areas while maintaining an eye on the entire scene – something quite impossible with mechanical zoom optics where zooming implies the reduction in the field of view.

31 Image Cropping Pixels can be turned off at the sensor Only required data is sent conserving bandwidth and storage Streamed images can be cropped vertically or horizontally. Horizontally Cropped Vertically Cropped Un-cropped

32 12ips 2ips (1920x1080 resolution) Full FOV2 ips @ 200K = 400Kbps Lane 112 ips @ 10K = 120Kbps Lane 2 12 ips @ 10K = 120Kbps Lane 3 12 ips @ 10K = 120Kbps 39 ips = 760Kbps Total Arecont saves approximately 315% bandwidth compared to competition using Region of Interest streaming. Full Field of View and all three regions are streamed simultaneously. Non Arecont Vision camera must delivery the full field of View 12 ips @ 200K = 2.4 Mbps Competition utilizes 315% more bandwidth compared to Arecont ~200K ~10K Each Region of Interest can be streamed at varying frame rates if desired. Regions of Interest (Bandwidth Saver Technology)

33 Existing Mechanical PTZ allow either Full FOV Image OR Zoomed Image, but not both. Megapixel cameras can simultaneous Display of Full FOV AND Digitally Zoomed Image and a b 1 1 b a Digital PTZ Difference 400 Pixels (NTSC/PAL)

34 NVR Agnostic Arecont Vision is compatible with most of the industrys leading NVR companies Arecont provides an http command set or an SDK for more comprehensive integration Monitoring Station Building 1Building 2 NVR #1 NVR #2 LAN ….. Cam 16 Cam 1

35 Reduced Total System Cost Reduced cameras to install AV3100 (3M camera) can replace up to 9 NTSC cameras Camera mounts, wiring, lenses, enclosures Reduced wiring cost Ethernet is less expensive than Coax No External Power Cameras are powered via Switch Powered Over Ethernet (802.3AF) Easily Expanded Plug additional cameras into the network switch Simplicity Simple Installation

36 MegaPixel Near Term Future H.264 provides The Power of 8 8 times better bandwidth efficiency 8 times better storage utilization H.264

37 MegaVideo ® Product Line AV1300M 1.3 Meg Pixel (1280x1024) Sensitivity down to 0.1 lux >30 fps @ 1280x1024 AV2100M 2 Meg Pixel (1600x1200) Sensitivity down to 0.1 lux 24 fps @ 1600 x 1200 AV3100M 3.1 Meg Pixel (2048x1536) Sensitivity down to 0.2 lux 20 fps @ 1920 x 1200 AV5100M 5 Meg Pixel (2592x1944 ) Sensitivity down to 0.3 lux 10 fps @ 2592 x 1944 AV3130M DayNight 3.1M/1.3M Pixel Image (Dual Sensor).01 lux to 100,000 lux AV8360 SurroundVideo® 8 Meg Pixel via 4x 2MP sensors 360 Field of View AV8180 SurroundVideo® 8 Meg Pixel via 4x 2MP sensors 180 Field of View

38 MegaVideo ® AV2100 Camera 1600x1200 at 24 fps 0.5 Lux Sensitivity – Low Noise Moonlight Technology - Long Exposure using Proprietary Noise Cancellation Technology No separate power supply - Power-over-Ethernet Automatic Lens Iris Control On-Board Motion Detection

39 MegaVideo ® AV5100 2592 x 1944 Max Resolution On camera image cropping (2592x1200 (fence line), 1600x1944 (corridor) …) On-Board Motion Detection

40 DayNight AV3130 Dual Lens and Dual Sensor No moving parts Extremely wide range of illumination from 100,000 lux down to 0.01 lux Day Sensor Color 2048x1536 (3 megapixel) IR Cut filter for vibrant daytime Colors Night Sensor Black & White 1280x1024( 1.3 Mpixel) Sensitive to low light and IR Utilizes proprietary DualBand multi- sensor technology Auto-switch day to night

41 DVR/NVR Software Arecont Vision also offers flexible surveillance software supporting real-time Multi-camera viewing Features Include: Remote viewing of all images via a standard web browser Motion detection Simultaneous viewing of zoomed and full field images Instantaneous electronic Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Multi-Camera viewing Archiving Policy-based digital archiving and automatic identification Post-event zooming from digital archives Retrieve images based on time and camera Network Automatic configuration of all network cameras Setup of all installed cameras via graphical interface Image Resolution, Brightness, Saturation, Sharpness, JPEG Quality and many more SDK Arecont Vision also offers an SDK for Linux and Windows, allowing easy integration of high resolution video in proprietary systems

42 Mega Pixel Family Features Made in the USA Easy to Use, less than 5 minutes to install Connect Ethernet from the computer to camera, and load software. Its that easy. Ten times the resolution of a high quality NTSC camera 2040x1530 versus 640x480 Up to 24 frames per second at 1600x1200 (24fps is same as a DVDs) View Multiple frames simultaneously View an 800x600 image and a high resolution image box simultaneously Change resolution on the fly i.e.. view 9 frames in 800x600 mode and then view the 10 th frame in 1920x1080 mode. (saves bandwidth) Sensitively down down to.01 lux --- very low light sensitive Multiple power input Separate power supplies are no longer required for powering cameras. The Megapixel cameras allow system installer the simplicity of connecting a single Ethernet cable to carry both power and video. This allows greater flexibility and significantly decreases installation costs. Powered over Ethernet (POE) - IEEE802.3af compliant Alternative DC Input 12VDC Image Control Auto Iris Control Auto exposure and gain control, auto white balance Utilizes industry standard mounting brackets Fits into most weatherproof enclosures HDTV Resolution at NTSC Price

43 The Value Proposition Unparallel MegaPixel Resolution Fastest MegaPixel Image Rates Forensic Archive Retrieval Reduced Overall System Cost Unbeatable Price

44 Contact Info Walter Hawrys IWinc Outsourced Sales and Marketing Latin America and Caribbean Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33305 954.622.9393 office 561.789.9368 Mobile

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