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6 Reasons to Choose Professional Megapixel -- VIVOTEK IP7161.

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1 6 Reasons to Choose Professional Megapixel -- VIVOTEK IP7161

2 2MP Day & Night Fixed Network Camera 1.High Definition 2-megapixel 2.Low Bandwidth Requirement & CPU Loading 3.True Day & Night 4.Easy Installation and Usage 5.Unique Specs on the Market 6.High C/P value IP7161

3 1. High Definition 2-megapixel Wide Coverage Exceptional Details

4 Wide Coverage

5 Exceptional Details

6 Video Cropping (available soon) ePTZ Multiple Streams Time-shift Streaming Built-in SD/SDHC Card Slot 2. Low Bandwidth Requirement & CPU Loading

7 Multiple streams Time-shift streaming Cropping ePTZ -- for more efficient bandwidth usage and CPU management

8 Crop unnecessary information; simply transmit the image of the target region. Video Cropping for bandwidth saving

9 Instant, one-click pan/tilt/zoom in the full 2MP view window; simply transmit the image of the target region. ePTZ for data efficiency

10 Simultaneously delivers multiple streams with different resolutions, frame rates, and video qualities; flexibly views small images and stores large images on different platforms. Multiple Streams

11 Time-shift Streaming for event recording Stores images in camera's embedded memory, only transmits when an event occurs for event-triggered recording, giving users comprehensive data, also including pre- and post-event.

12 Stores images on SD/SDHC card, only transmits when an event occurs for event-triggered recording, and ensures constant recording when network disconnection. Built-in SD/SDHC Card Slot for on-board storage

13 3. True Day & Night

14  With removable IR-cut filter for clear day time/color operation and super low-light night time surveillance  With auto-iris lens to adapt to frequent light changes True Day & Night for 24/7 surveillance DayNight

15 PoE Supported DI/DO 2-way Audio RS Easy Installation and Usage

16 PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) makes installation easy. No power connection at the camera location, eliminating the need of running an additional power line cable PoE Supported

17 One D/I and one D/O for external sensor and alarm DI/DO Digital inputs Digital outputs

18 Two-way Audio via SIP protocol Provides synchronized audio surveillance and announcement capabilities form the monitoring station

19 RS-485 Interface For scanners or pan/tilt driver connection, a cost-effective alternative with PTZ-capable cameras

20 Tamper Detection C/CS-mount Adjustment Ring 5. Unique Specs on the Market

21 Detects and notifies on video loss from events of blockage, redirecting, defocusing, or spray-painting Tamper Detection of unauthorized changes

22 C/CS-mount Adjustment Ring Slide the adjustment ring to either a CS-or C-mount lens with no additional spacer ring required


24 VIVOTEK AxisPanasonicACTi IP M223MWV-NP304ACM-5611 Lens Focal Length f = 4.5 ~ 10 mmf = 3.0 ~ 8.0 mmf = 4.0 ~ 8.0 mmf = 2.8 ~ 6.0 mmf = 4.2 mm F value F1.6F1.0F1.4 F1.4 (wide) F2.1 (tele) F1.8 Auto iris DC-iris V- IR-cut filter V -VVV Angle of view (Horizontal) 37.1 ゚ ~ 77.6 ゚ 37 ゚ ~ 93 ゚ 38 ゚ ~ 72 ゚ 99.6°75° Video Setting Shutter time 1/5 ~ 1/40,000 s1/4 ~ 1/15,000 s2 ~ 1/7,500 s1/10,0001/5 ~ 1/2,000 s Day & Night V -VVV Min illumination 0.8 Lux / F1.61 Lux / F Lux / F1.4 (color) 0.2 Lux / F1.4 (B/W) 1.5 Lux / F1.4 (color) 0.9 Lux / F1.4 (B/W) 0.5 Lux / F1.0 (color) 0.05 Lux / F1.0 (B/W) Digital Zoom 4x Video Compression Max video resolution 1600x x x x x1024 MJPEG frame rate 800x x x x x x x480 30fps 1280x x x480 MPEG-4 frame rate 800x x x x x x x1200 Streaming Multiple streams Dual streams MPEG-4 / MJPEG selectable Application DI/DO 1/1 2/11/1 Privacy mask V VVV Tamper detection V -V- Time-shift streaming V --- Video cropping - (available soon) --- ePTZ V --- On-board storage SD/SDHC -- SD Memory card (optional)

25 The End Thank you for your attention

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