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5 Mega-pixel PoE Fish-Eye IP Camera 5 Mega-pixel Wireless Fish-Eye IP Camera ICA-8500 ICA-W8500.

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1 5 Mega-pixel PoE Fish-Eye IP Camera 5 Mega-pixel Wireless Fish-Eye IP Camera ICA-8500 ICA-W8500

2 2 / 25 Presentation Outlines  Product Overview  Product Features  Product Applications  Product Comparison

3 3 / 25 Product Position  PLANET Fish-Eye Family 720P 2MP / 3MP PoEWireless On Going Planning New Phase in 5MP ICA ePTZ / WDR / PoE -IP66 / Vandalproof ICA-HM830W -11n / ePTZ ICA ePTZ / WDR / PoE Vandal ICA-W8500 -ePTZ / WDR / 11n ICA-W n / IPv6 -ePTZ ICA-W8100-CLD -11n / IPv6 -ePTZ / Cloud New

4 4 / 25 Product Overview  Front/Side View of ICA-8500/ICA-W mega-pixel CMOS Reset button Speaker Light sensor Mic 2db Omni Antenna (Wireless model)

5 5 / 25 Product Overview  Rear View of ICA-W8500/ICA-W8500 Micro SD Audio In Audio Out GPIO RJ45 LAN (Wired model PoE) 12V DC Power Jack

6 6 / 25 Product Overview  Hardware Installation of ICA-W8500/ICA-W8500 Installation - 1 Stick the given mounting label at the installation location. Mounting label

7 7 / 25 Product Overview  Hardware Installation of ICA-W8500/ICA-W8500 Installation - 2 Take the wall mount bracket, put it on the target place and fix it with the supplied screws (total of 2).

8 8 / 25 Product Overview  Hardware Installation of ICA-W8500/ICA-W8500 Installation - 3 Load the camera into the wall mount. Be sure the camera is mated with two fixed screws, and rotate the camera clockwise to lock it in position.

9 9 / 25 Product Features  Camera Fish-Eye Lens to bring 360° /180° panoramic wide angle view 1/2.5” 5 mega-pixel progressive scan CMOS sensor Unique Fish-Eye hardware correction technology 1.9 lux minimum illumination at F2.8 9 different video modes including digital PTZ function Removable IR-cut Filter for Day & Night Function

10 10 / 25 Fish-Eye Product Features – Fish-Eye  Wider Monitoring with 360º Panoramic View The ICA-8500 fisheye camera allows you to monitor all angles of a location using just one camera, thus saving lots of traditional mechanical Pan/Tilt/Zoom maintenance effort.

11 Day & Night Product Features – Day & Night  Day & Night Functionality Removable IR-cut filter enables the camera to provide color video when there is sufficient light, and black/white video in dark conditions. 11 / 26

12 12 / 25 Product Features  Video / Audio H.264 and M-JPEG video compression simultaneously Simultaneous multi-stream support H.264 high profile, main profile and baseline Up to 15fps for 1920 x 1920 resolutions 2DNR to improve picture quality at low Lux WDR Enhancement function strengthens visibility under extremely bright or dark environments 2-way audio support with enhanced audio quality

13 13 / 25 Multi-Profile Product Features – Multi-Profile  Multi-Profile Supporting simultaneous multiple resolutions and video compressions can generate different video streams per user’s command. H.264 Recording MPEG4 Remote Access MJPEG Mobile View

14 1920x1920 Product Features -1920x1920  High video resolution PLANET ICA mega-pixel PoE Fish-Eye IP Camera supports H.264, MPEG-4, and JPEG compression formats and delivers excellent picture quality in up to 1920 x 1920 pixels at 15 frames per second (fps) 14 / 25

15 WDR Product Features -WDR  Exceptional Image quality WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Enhancement for enhance visibility under extremely bright or dark environments. 15 / 25

16 2DNR Product Features – 2DNR  Exceptional Image quality 2DNR (2-Dimension Noise Reduction) to improve picture quality at low Lux. 16 / 25

17 17 / 25 2-way Audio Product Features - 2-way Audio  Supporting 2-way Audio With 2-way audio function, IP camera becomes a bridge that helps users to talk to other people. Via two IP cameras, users can easily communicate to each other at an international meeting or a personal chat.

18 18 / 25 Product Features  Network and Configuration Compliant with IEEE 802.3af PoE interface for flexible deployment (For ICA-8500) IEEE b/g/n wireless LAN with WEP and WPA encryptions (For ICA-W8500) Auto MDI/MDI-X supported UPnP® support for network setup & configuration RTSP / UPnP / 3GPP / HTTPS protocols selectable

19  Power over Ethernet The ICA-8500 incorporates IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard and able to be powered via the network cable from a PoE power sourcing equipment such as PoE Switch and PoE injector. Product Feature Compliant with IEEE 802.3af standard PoE interface. It can assist in locating cameras in places where there are no power outlets. PoE Switch 19 / 25

20 Wireless N Product Features – Wireless N  Compact Wireless Panoramic Camera for Wide View Surveillance The ICA-W8500 adopts IEEE n wireless technology to communicate at a maximum wireless signal rate and ensures secure transmission with WEP and WPA encryptions 20 / 26

21 21 / 25  Access anytime & anywhere Sign-in PLANET DDNS to register a simple domain name to access home device anytime and anywhere. Also its Planet easy DDNS lets user easily use Planet DDNS function without manually adding new account. PLANET DDNS Product Features - PLANET DDNS Already a planetddns user ? Log in now

22 22 / 25 Product Features  Easy Installation & Management Advanced e-PTZ, including preset point 10 motion detection areas / and FTP alert Micro SD card local video recording supported Digital Input/Output for integration with sensors and alarms Cam Viewer 3 Central Management Software supported

23 23 / 25 E-PTZ Product Features – E-PTZ  E-PTZ The E-PTZ function enables users to capture the full image in the record while doing PTZ digitally on live view.

24 24 / 25 ROI Product Features – ROI  ROI The ROI function could change region’s magnifying power (x1 to x10); and dragging the frame with mouse could move the amplified region.

25 Motion Detection Product Features – Motion Detection 25 / 25  Motion Detection Areas/Trigger Once there is any moving activity in the specified area, the camera can soon send a message to the manager by or upload recording/picture onto FTP, Samba, NFS, Micro-SD and . FTP/Samba Micro SD NFS

26 26 / 25 DI/DO Product Features – DI/DO  Motion Detection & Alarms Users can have total control in determining the object and sensitivity of these motion detection windows.

27 27 / 25 CV3 Product Features – CV3  CV3 management software 64-CH central management software is included for ease of maintenance and remote monitoring.

28 28 / 25 Applications  Provides various surveillance applications It allows you to stream high quality video to remote sites and mobile devices. A Site Survey feature also allows you to view and connect to nearby wireless networks with ease.

29 Product Comparison Model Features PLANET ICA-8500 / ICA-W8500 PLANET ICA-HM830W PLANET ICA-8350 Sensor1/2.5” progressive scan RGB CMOS1/3" progressive scan sensor1/2.8" progressive scan sensor Lens Fish-Eye Lens, 186±4°(D/H/V), F= 2.8, f=1.05 mm Fish-Eye Lens, 185°(D/H/V), F= 2.0, f=1.25 mm Fish-Eye Lens, 180±5°(D/H/V), F= 2.0, f=1.25 mm Angle of View 180°/ 360° view Max FPS 1920 x 15fps 1600 x 15fps1536 x 22fps Video Compression H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEGH.264 / M-JPEG IR cut filter ■■■ WDR ■ -- ■ DNR ■ -- ■ Micro SD ■■■ e-PTZ ■■■ Fish-Eye UI Layout 360° source image (1O) 360° source view with 3 PTZ (1O3R) 180° double broad view (2P)180° source view with 3 PTZ (1P3R) Quad view (4R) 360° source image (1O) 360° source view with 3 PTZ (1O3R)  180° double broad view (2P) 180° source view with 3 PTZ (1P3R) Quad view (4R) 360° source image (1O) 360° source view with 3 PTZ (1O3R)  180° double broad view (2P) 180° source view with 3 PTZ (1P3R) Quad view (4R) 29 / 25

30 30 / 25  Target Markets SMB Office / Home Security School / Shopping Mall IP Surveillance System Integrator Reseller  Profitable Products The following are potential to all customers: ICA-W8100-CLD ICA-HM830W ICA-8350 NVR-420 / NVR-820 / NVR-1620 NVR-3210 / NVR-3250 Appendix Sales Target

31 Appendix  Related Fish-Eye Cameras Model Name Description ICA Mega-pixel PoE Fish-Eye IP Camera ICA-W85005 Mega-pixel Wireless Fisheye IP Camera ICA-HM830W3 Mega-pixel Vandalproof Fish-Eye IP Camera ICA Mega-pixel Vandalproof Fish-Eye IP Camera ICA-W8100-CLDWireless Cube Fish-Eye Cloud IP Camera 31 / 25

32 32 / 25 Appendix ICA-W8500 Camera Type Resolutions 0: Indoor 5: Outdoor  Camera Naming Rule Wireless Function Wi-Fi – W Camera Type Cube – 1 Box – 2 Bullet – 3 Dome – 4 Vandal Dome – 5 Speed Dome – 6 PTZ – 7 Fisheye – 8 Resolutions VGA / D M / 720P - 1 2M (Full HD) - 2 3MP - 3 4MP - 4 5MP - 5 Camera Function Vari-focal – V Industrial – T Cloud – CLD

33 33 / 25 Appendix Must Know  Technical Zone Bandwidth and Video Size Estimation The frame rate of video transmitted from the Internet Camera depends on connection bandwidth between client and server, video resolution, codec type, and quality setting of server. Here is a guideline to help you roughly estimate the bandwidth requirements for your Internet Camera. The required bandwidth depends on content of video source. The slow motion video will produce smaller bit rate generally and fast motion will produce higher bit rate vice versa. Actual results generated by the Internet Camera may be varying. H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG Bandwidth Usage Image Resolution Average Bit-Rate for H.264 mode Average Bit-Rate for MPEG-4 mode Average Bit-Rate for M-JPEG mode 320 x 240 (QVGA) 30fps 30fps8 ~ 20k byte per frame 640 x 480 (VGA) 30fps 30fps20 ~ 50K byte per frame 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) 15fpsN/A 100 ~ 200k byte per frame 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) 15fpsN/A 600 ~ 1500k byte per frame 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)1,536kbps ~ 30fpsN/A 200 ~ 500k byte per frame 2592 x 1944 (5MP)1,800kbps ~ 15fpsN/A 500 ~ 1300k byte per frame


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