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WECC-0065 Steve Rueckert WECC Director of Standards.

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1 WECC-0065 Steve Rueckert WECC Director of Standards

2 Welcome! Defining the Basics Whos on the Team Team rights and obligations Meeting Access The Process

3 Team Whos the Chair? Whos the Vice Chair? Whos the Secretary? Whos on the Team?

4 Team Obligations The Team serves the WECC Your focus is on the interconnection Avoid personal positions Avoid company positions The Team serves a reliability function To be a Team requires participation Stay active and informed Bring your expertise and creative ideas Do your homework before the meeting Read minutes and other documents before the meeting

5 Getting Around WECC-0065 UFLS Rewrite Pages Request Team Site Calendar oLoad to your Outlook oMinutes and their location Documents Comments When in doubt…go here! Members can use the UFLSDT Email exploders

6 Meeting Access WECC-0065 UFLS DT Unless otherwise notified, all meetings can be accessed using the following phone bridge and URL: URL: Conference Number: 1-719-387-5500 Web Site is Mountain Time

7 Conducting Meetings The goal is forward progress Schedule meetings for efficient use of time Roberts Rules of Order (Abridged) Limit Debate Establish a specific time window for debate and abide by it. Establish a team conclusion at the end of the debate period. The team agrees to support the team decision Chair Can rule an individual Out of Order Can request removal of an individual

8 Process and Related Documents Process for Developing and Approving WECC Standards rds_Development_Process_Approved.pdf rds_Development_Process_Approved.pdf Developing a new Regional Criterion The WECC Bylaws and%20Governance%20Documents/WECC%20Bylaws%20200 9.pdf and%20Governance%20Documents/WECC%20Bylaws%20200 9.pdf

9 Development Principles All meetings of the DT shall be open to the public and broad participation is encouraged. All participants eligible to vote at a WECC Standing Committee retain full opportunity and representation to vote on the final document when presented at the Standing Committee. Nothing in these Development Principles shall infringe on an individuals rights to appeal a Standing Committee vote regarding the resultant document. All DT members are encouraged to always be present; proxy voting by a DT member is not allowed. The Process does not require a quorum to be present before a DT vote is taken. The Process does not require notice that a DT vote will be taken. The Process does not require notice that a DT subset group will meet.

10 Development Principles It takes only a simple majority to carry a vote on any DT issue. DT voting may take place face-to-face, electronically, in real-time or within a scheduled window. Voting on which position to adopt on a drafting issue is reserved for the DT members. Voting on inclusion or exclusion of specific language in the document under development is reserved for the DT members. Voting on minutes and related business motions is reserved for the DT members. Straw Polls are of excellent advisory value but the DT is not obligated to abide by a straw poll.

11 Regional Criterion Structure Purpose Start with the Request Applicable Entities Draft in after the Requirements Requirements Measures Mirror the Requirements Draft after the Requirements are locked in

12 Regional Criterion Structure Compliance For criterion generally no entry Some have data retention entries No Violation Severity Levels No Violation Risk Factors No civil penalty Ten Benchmarks for Excellence dorsed_by_SC_April2009.pdf dorsed_by_SC_April2009.pdf

13 Notice All meetings of the full drafting team require 30 days notice to the industry Sub teams may meet without notice All meetings of the drafting team are open to the public

14 Notice Minutes Select a secretary Contains the basics Contains a living draft as Attachment Field can always compare last meeting Attachment with the most recent meetings. Reduces notes. Contains attendance list Posted to the Team Site for the date the meeting took place

15 Process Sequence 45 day Posting Answer each of the Comments 30 day Posting Answer each of the Comments Must repost if there is a substantive change Substantive = Surprise Repeat until done Vote to forward to Standing Committee 30 day notice to SC Vote

16 Questions?

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