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WECC-0071 System Performance Criterion Standards Processes.

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1 WECC-0071 System Performance Criterion Standards Processes

2 Welcome!  Defining the Basics  Who’s on the Team  Team rights and obligations  Meeting Access  The Process

3 Team ● Who’s the Chair? ● Who’s the Vice Chair? ● Who’s the Secretary? ● Who’s on the Team?

4 Team Obligations ● The Team serves the WECC  Your focus is on the interconnection  Avoid “personal” positions  Avoid “company” positions ● The Team serves a reliability function ● To be a “Team” requires participation  Stay active and informed  Bring your expertise and creative ideas  Do your homework “before” the meeting  Read minutes and other documents “before” the meeting

5 Getting Around ● WECC-0071 “Pages”  Request  Team Site  Calendar oLoad to your Outlook oMinutes and their location  Documents  Comments ● When in doubt…go here!  ● Your Team Lead will create an email exploder

6 Meeting Access ● WECC-0071 System Performance Criterion  “Unless otherwise noticed, all drafting team meetings will use the following telephone bridge, pass code, and meeting URL: Bridge: 1-719-359-4032 Passcode: 649658 URL: ● Web Site is Mountain Time

7 Conducting Meetings ● The goal is forward progress  Schedule meetings for efficient use of time ● Roberts Rules of Order (Abridged) ● Limit Debate  Establish a specific time window for debate and abide by it.  Establish a team conclusion at the end of the debate period.  The team agrees to support the team decision ● Chair  Can rule an individual “Out of Order”  Can request removal of an individual

8 Process and Related Documents ● Process for Developing and Approving WECC Standards  /Standards_Development_Process_Approved.pdf /Standards_Development_Process_Approved.pdf ● The WECC Bylaws  ess%20and%20Governance%20Documents/WECC%20 Bylaws%202009.pdf ess%20and%20Governance%20Documents/WECC%20 Bylaws%202009.pdf

9 Development Principles ● All meetings of the DT shall be open to the public and broad participation is encouraged. ● All participants eligible to vote at a WECC Standing Committee retain full opportunity and representation to vote on the final document when presented at the Standing Committee. ● Nothing in these Development Principles shall infringe on an individual’s rights to appeal a Standing Committee vote regarding the resultant document. ● All DT members are encouraged to always be present; proxy voting by a DT member is not allowed. ● The Process does not require a quorum to be present before a DT vote is taken. ● The Process does not require notice that a DT vote will be taken. ● The Process does not require notice that a DT subset group will meet.

10 Development Principles ● It takes only a simple majority to carry a vote on any DT issue. ● DT voting may take place face-to-face, electronically, in real-time or within a scheduled window. ● Voting on which position to adopt on a drafting issue is reserved for the DT members. ● Voting on inclusion or exclusion of specific language in the document under development is reserved for the DT members. ● Voting on minutes and related business motions is reserved for the DT members. ● Straw Polls are of excellent advisory value but the DT is not obligated to abide by a straw poll.

11 Regional Criterion Structure ● Purpose Statement  What is the document designed “To Do” ● Applicable Entities  Can draft these after the Requirements  They will flow naturally from the Requirements  They must be entities mentioned in the NERC Functional Model ● Requirements ● Measures  Mirror the Requirements  Draft after the Requirements are locked in

12 Regional Criterion Structure ● Compliance  For a “criterion”, a Compliance section is not needed.  No Violation Severity Levels  No Violation Risk Factors  No civil penalty ● Ten Benchmarks for Excellence  NERC has created a benchmark that can be used by any team to know if their work product meets the goals  SC_April2009.pdf SC_April2009.pdf

13 Notice ● All meetings of the full drafting team require 30 days notice to the industry  Sub teams may meet without notice ● All meetings of the drafting team are open to the public

14 Notice ● Minutes  Select a secretary  Contains the basics  Contains attendance list  Draft minutes posted to the Team Site within five business days of the meeting ● Drafts  Keep a current draft of your criterion/ work product posted on the Team Site with each meeting.

15 Process Sequence ● 45 day Posting  Answer “each” of the Comments ● 30 day Posting  Answer “each” of the Comments ● Must repost if there is a “substantive” change  Substantive = “Surprise” ● Repeat until done ● Vote to forward to Standing Committee ● 30 day Notice to SC ● Vote

16 Questions?

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