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W. Shannon Black Manager, Standards Processes New Chair Orientation.

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1 W. Shannon Black Manager, Standards Processes New Chair Orientation

2 2 Role of the Chair Role of Staff Role of WSC The “Procedures” Development Principles Procedural Mandates Overview

3 3 Primary o Timely product of work product o Ensure the team keeps moving forward o Facilitate within the four-corners of the Procedures o “Voice” of the team o Coordinate with the WSC as needed Secondary o Subject Matter Expert The Role of the Chair

4 4 Support o Manage the calendar / admin / website o Technical support on Due Process o Technical support on quality review / drafting o Produce and control all documents o File with NERC/FERC as required The Role of the WECC Staff

5 5 Procedural Oversight o Approve the SAR o Appoint the drafting team o Monitor each posting o Approve for ballot o Forward to Board / Interface with the Board The Standing Committee no longer controls the development process. The Role of the WSC

6 6 WECC/NERC/FERC Approved Document Exhibit “C” of the Delegation Agreement o Basically a Contract o Contains specifics of delegated authority o Is not all inclusive  Needs interpretation  Staff will assist The “Procedures”

7 7 The DT’s Development Principles includes the following: All DT meetings shall be open and publicly noticed on the WECC website. A 15 day notice period is required to hold a DT meeting. Notice of each DT meeting shall be posted on the WECC website for a minimum of 15 days prior to the meeting. Development Principles

8 8 All participants eligible to vote in a Ballot Pool retain full opportunity and representation to vote on the final document. Nothing in these Development Principles shall infringe on an individual’s appellate rights under the Reliability Standards Development Procedures (Procedures). All DT members are encouraged to always be present; proxy voting by a DT member is not allowed. Development Principles

9 9 The Procedures do not require a quorum to be present before a DT vote is taken. The Procedures do not require notice that a DT vote will be taken. The Procedures do not require notice that a subset of the DT will meet. An affirmative majority vote of the entire DT is required to forward a document to the WSC with a recommendation for ballot. For all other actions, a simple majority vote of the DT members present is sufficient to carry a ballot. Development Principles

10 10 DT voting may take place face-to-face, electronically, in real-time, or within a scheduled window. Voting on which position to adopt on a drafting issue is reserved for the DT members. Voting on inclusion or exclusion of specific language in the document under development is reserved for the DT members. Development Principles

11 11 Voting on minutes and related business motions is reserved for the DT members. Straw Polls are of excellent advisory value; however, the DT is not obligated to abide by a straw poll. Development Principles

12 12 15 day notice to hold a meeting Draft it Posting 1 = 45 days Posting 1+= 30 day (minimum) Respond to all Comments Post Responses Redraft and Repost as needed WSC / Board / NERC / FERC Procedural Basics

13 13 Follow the NERC templates o Applicable entities  NERC Functional Model for Standards  Not required for “Other Projects” (Criteria) o Requirement and Measures  Each X shall do Y. Evidence may include… Avoid o Adjective, pronouns, adverbs o Do not incorporate by reference o Don’t use “C”aps unless defined Drafting Basics

14 14 Each Comment o Requires a Response o Can be aggregated Responses to Comments

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