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GLOBAL ONE REVIEW 33 Belief Systems and World Religions.

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1 GLOBAL ONE REVIEW 33 Belief Systems and World Religions

2 What is the purpose of any religion?

3 Hinduism LocationTypeBookCharacteristicsImpact Bhagavad-GitaPolytheistic India (South Asia) Reincarnation Dharma Karma Vishnu, Shiva, Brahman CASTE SYSTEM!  Born into caste  Determines all aspects of life  No social mobility Partition of India  religious tension btwn Hindus and Muslims

4 Buddhism LocationTypeBookCharacteristicsImpact -- Bhagavad-Gita India  East Asia Reincarnation Karma Four Noble Truths Eightfold Path Siddhartha Gautama (founder) Spread out of India along the Silk Road Asoka’s Pillars- non-violent laws based off Buddhism

5 Judaism LocationTypeBookCharacteristicsImpact TorahMONOTHEISTIC!! Israel, Europe, USA Founder Abraham made covenant with god (promise)  Promised Hebrews a holy land in Israel Ten Commandments Anti-Semitism  Protestant Reformation  Russian Pogroms  Holocaust Creation of Israel after WWII  Arab vs. Jewish nationalism  Religious conflict

6 Confucianism LocationTypeBookCharacteristicsImpact --- The Analects China  Korea  Japan Filial Piety (respect for elders) Five Relationships Maintain social order Civil Service- the ruler should lead by example Stressed education, scholars held in high esteem

7 Christianity LocationTypeBookCharacteristicsImpact BibleMonotheistic Ancient Rome  Europe, Americas Jesus Christ is messiah Ten Commandments Church very powerful during Middle ages (owns land) Crusades The Protestant Reformation Spreads through imperialism  Latin America  Africa (White Man’s Burden)

8 Islam LocationTypeBookCharacteristicsImpact Koran (Qu’ran)Monotheistic Middle East, NorthAfrica, SE Asia Founded by Muhammed (Mecca  Medina) Follow Five Pillars of Faith Hajj Trace roots to Judaism and Christianity Crusades Shi’s/ Sunni split Islamic Empire Sharia- laws based on Koran Islamic Fundamentalism- (opposes Westernization and supports traditional Islam)

9 How are Shintoism and animism similar? Both worship spirits in nature Japan Kami-nature spirits Indigenous peoples (native to an area)

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