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The Kruger National Park

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1 The Kruger National Park
South Africa

2 History 1806 British secured possession of the Cape colony from the Dutch The Great Trek The Boers trek north to find new lands 1883 Paul Kruger was elected president of the South African Republic. Kruger had a vision to preserve the game and set aside land for conservation.

3 Facts 1926 The Kruger National Park was established
South Africa’s largest national park The wilderness covers 19,633 sq km It has 16 distinct sections based on different types of vegetation Rivers include Limpodo, Olifants,Crocodile, Sabie Africa’s Big Five- lions rhinoceros, buffalo, leopards, elephants

4 Flights International airport – Johannesburg
Local airports – Skukuza, Hoedspruit, Nelspruit Lodges- may have their own airstrips

5 Accommodation

6 Types of accommodation
Bungalows Safari Tents Guest Houses Camping Option Luxury Riverside Bungalows Family Cottages and Guest Cottages


8 Skukuza Lodge Skukuza Camp is the capital of Kruger National Park. It is the biggest camp and includes facilities such as a shop, ATM, internet cafe, restaurant, library, fuel station and more.

9 Types of safari Horse riding Walking 4 wheel drive Hot air ballooning
Air safari Photographic



12 Summary Why do people go to the Kruger National Park in South Africa?

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