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When dreaming up our plans for successful 2010 media accommodation, we knew that we had to do what no one else could... 2010 South Africa : Its More Than.

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1 When dreaming up our plans for successful 2010 media accommodation, we knew that we had to do what no one else could South Africa : Its More Than Just A Game

2 Your own Apartment Media City is no ordinary accommodation option, it is a media persons lifestyle choice for the 2010 World Cup. Lets see what we have incorporated into Media City: 100 Apartments- 2 bedroom twin suites with en suite bathrooms 400 guests Full time reception for all guests needs

3 Your own transport SA Sport Travel in a joint venture with Tusker Tours and Viva Safaris have put together ground handling facilities for your clients that will enable them to experience all daily activities from the Media City.

4 Your own well being On site paramedics 24/7 Access control security Patrolling security Walled perimeter of property Emergency vehicles stationed in the village

5 SA Sport Travels involvement in prestigious sporting events across Southern Africa have ensured that we know exactly what it is that media groups need. A hassle free networking environment where work is easily accomplished without the need for leaving the Media City. Media City is the ultimate one stop network hub where your media group can congregate and share ideas as well as feed stories back to the networks via wireless internet for complete ease of use. With accommodation and a full service catering venue within Media City, youre connected to the world and fuelled to deliver your best work 24 hours a day, keeping the World Cup running live across the planet.

6 Our 2010 Vision Without media the World Cup would only be seen by a small sector of the world, but thanks to modern media the 2010 World Cup will be broadcast right around the world into millions of peoples living rooms. In order for this to happen South Africa is going to need to house professional media people from across the world in the utmost comfort. To ensure a successful braodcast, SA Sport Travel have set up a Media City for 400 professionals.

7 Creating Media City Media City was created with the professional journalist in mind and at its core is based around simplicity. Journalists want something that is lock up and go, small and simple so that they can concentrate on covering the news for the world. They need internet, a place to sleep and meals that they dont have to worry about. Getting home from a game, then compiling stories and submitting them leaves very little time to shop and cook. With our buffet meals available all day, there is no need to worry about anything but work. And well leave that up to the journalists and their networks.

8 Activities There is no limit as to what we can offer you, lets look at some of the options: Kruger Park Safaris Sun City Excursions Gold Reef City Live Entertainment Helicopter Trips Sandton Shopping Sprees at the most luxurious shops with a favourable South African Exchange Rate. Gambling evenings Theme Evenings

9 Most Popular Activities When you have a day off it is great to get out and experience some activities. The most popular activities include Gold Reef City, a theme park that will leave you thrilled from beginning to end! Apartheid museum tours allow you a close up look at the history of this great country. The Cradle Of HumanKind World Heritage Site is where our ancestors have lived for more than 3 million years, offering great insight into the birthplace of humanity. Our consultants are on hand anytime you need to recommend and book any activity you can think of and offer you their professional advice.

10 Personalize your 2010 Experience Each year, millions of people come to visit South Africa and choose to come back for the unique memories and experiences that happen in this beautiful country. But for one month only, visitors to South Africa are going to find themselves in the midst of a global spectacular and as media, you are going to be witness to some spectacular experiences. This can never be recreated again, and we want it to be luxurious, fun and truly unforgettable. That is why at SA Sport Travel we have chosen to go above and beyond what any normal event can offer. This is your month, so dream it and let SA Sport Travel make it happen. From activities and nightlife entertainment on your days off, SA Sport Travel are at hand to accommodate all your needs.

11 Southern African Safaris While the game of soccer can at times be brutal, and press deadlines even more so, nothing can compare to the harshness of the African bush. If you find yourself with days off, then why not cover another angle of the African landscape, that of the wildlife. Youll stay in premium accommodation and be taken on game drives under the safety of experienced guides. This will all take place between games, allowing you to experience the best of nature and of the World Cup

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