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St. Michael’s RC School International Tourism Case Study… KENYA.

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1 St. Michael’s RC School International Tourism Case Study… KENYA

2 St. Michael’s RC School Kenya

3 St. Michael’s RC School Tanzania Sudan Mt Kenya Nairobi Indian Ocean Lake Turkana Mt Elgon Ethiopia SomaliaSomalia Great Rift Valley UgandaUganda Maasai Mara Amboseli Tsavo Kenya – map of the game reserves

4 St. Michael’s RC School Tourism in Southern Kenya Nairobi Mombasa Tsavo Amboseli Maasai Mara

5 St. Michael’s RC School What attracts tourists to Kenya?

6 St. Michael’s RC School Numbers of Tourists to Kenya 1964 1972 1980 1988 1996 61,000 286,000 438,000 612,000 992,000 Why has the number of tourists visiting Kenya increased in the last forty years? Tourism in Kenya

7 St. Michael’s RC School Look at the following slides that indicate the impact of tourism on the Kenyan game parks.

8 St. Michael’s RC School A typical safari holiday… Day 1Arrive at Nairobi Airport and transfer to hotel. Day 2Drive west to the Serena Mara Lodge in the Maasai Mara…it is built in African- style with a thatched roof. Enjoy cocktails on the terrace while looking over the glade. Day 3Drive thorough the Mara in the jeeps and see buffalo, rhinoceros, elephants, birds, etc. Day 4More game viewing with chance to see some of the more unusual species. Day 5Visit the Maasai. Day 6View the big game animals from a hot air balloon on your last day at the lodge. Enjoy your last evening with dancing from the Maasai. Day 7Return to Nairobi.

9 St. Michael’s RC School What impact does tourism have on the animals within the game parks?

10 St. Michael’s RC School ‘Like several others, my camp (Maasai Mara) made a special effort to encourage leopards to appear. Every night, one of the guards crosses the river, using a small footbridge, and hangs meat on a tree. One leopard, clearly more interested in fast food than searching for dinner, regularly retrieves it…’ The Independent Jan 2000 Why does the guard put meat over the river? What impact does his practice have on the leopards?

11 St. Michael’s RC School Animals are protected from hunting within the game reserves.

12 St. Michael’s RC School Jeeps often gather around the big game animals.

13 St. Michael’s RC School What impact does tourism have on the vegetation and soil within the game parks?

14 St. Michael’s RC School The Maasai are often visited on the tourist trail in the Maasai Mara. The tourists have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, such as beads, from the Maasai. The Maasai are nomadic herders (i.e. they travel from one watering hole to another with their cattle). However, they have been moved from their grazing lands several times to make way for European farmers. Their movements have also been restricted by the game parks set up by the government in the 1950s. In fact, the Maasai Mara was part of the Massai’s original land. Many of the Maasai have had no choice but to settle down. The Maasai

15 St. Michael’s RC School Advantages and disadvantages of tourism to Kenya

16 St. Michael’s RC School This is Tsavo – a game park that encourages low density ‘ecotourism’. How is this type of tourism is more beneficial to the environment than the ‘lodge’ hotels in Amboseli or the Maasai Mara?

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