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Achieving an Effective Food Service System Robin Kennedy, SPHR Human Resource Consultant.

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1 Achieving an Effective Food Service System Robin Kennedy, SPHR Human Resource Consultant

2 Our Agenda Jobs, Jobs, Jobs A Review of Job Descriptions & Job Assignments Finding the Best Team Members The Keys to Effective Interviewing & Selection Developing Team Members Adding Value in Every Role Developing Your Team Pulling Them All Together Creative Problem Solving Thinking Outside the Box A Little Less Stress, Please Managing those Inevitable Stressors

3 Anything Else? We can attempt to cover any HR - related issue you would like to discuss: Add to Parking Lot

4 Job Descriptions What purpose do they serve? –Clarify the expectations of the job –Protection from legal liability –Defense in employee grievances –Assist in avoiding even the appearance of inequity or unfairness –Set comparative wages –Define functional requirements (ADA)

5 As I review Job Descriptions:

6 Elements of an Effective Job Description Job Title Effective/Reviewed/Revised Date Reporting Structure Qualifications Statement Work Environment Required Schedule Physical/Functional Requirements of Job Job Expectations

7 SCHOOL BOARD PROCEDURE CURENT EPS FILE: GDAR-U KEWAUNEE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Approved: 01-16-95 Revised: 06-05-06 Position: Food Service Worker Supervisor: Food Service Director Location: Kewaunee Public Schools - As assigned by Food Service Director Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED Educated and certified in food safety and sanitation. Experience in quantity food production and preparation preferred. Knowledge of measuring, weighing, following recipes and operating equipment in a production kitchen. Able to interact tactfully, effectively, and courteously with students, staff and other persons encountered in the course of work. Ability to work positively in a team environment. Ability to follow written and oral instructions and procedures. Numerical and clerical ability to calculate and record production quantities, inventory, and operate computer for necessary lunch charges. Maintains the ability to stand, reach, lift, bend, kneel, stoop, climb, push, pull, and lift items weighing 50 lbs. or less. Stand or walk 95% of the workday. Demonstrates exceptional manual dexterity, auditory and visual skills. Ability to work quickly and accurately in a fast paced environment. Such other qualifications that the Board of Education may find acceptable.

8 Purpose of Position: To be responsible for the preparation and serving of food complying with all applicable state sanitation, health, and personal hygiene standards by following established food production policies and procedures for the health, comfort and benefit of the students. Performance Responsibilities: Prepare menu items from written recipes and other written and verbal directions for Kewaunee Public Schools, contracted sites, and other functions. Make independent decisions regarding scheduling of daily food production to ensure timely, quality service of menu items and by effectively using time between workloads. Pack food properly for transportation to area schools and meal sites and assist with delivery when needed. Serve food to customers and understand and assist in other areas of the kitchen as needed. Report necessary equipment repairs, maintenance and supply needs to Food Service Director in a timely fashion. Must be flexible and able to change as needed. Work as a positive member of the Food Service Team. Assist in serving students by following USDA guidelines and ensuring that their needs are recognized and acknowledged. Assist in the development of menus and recipes. Repeatedly lift and/or otherwise move cases and pans of food and other materials. Maintains high standards of personal hygiene. Implement a safe and sanitary work environment by following standard operating procedures (SOP). Maintain confidentiality. Provide each customer food of high nutritious quality in an atmosphere of cleanliness, cheerfulness and personal caring. Participate in team processes for continuous improvement. Other duties as requested.

9 Job Description Exercise See Reality Check in Workbook

10 Presentations Now Available

11 Job Assignments Who makes these? What are they based on? Any monitoring activities?

12 Finding the Best Team Members Know the process … Follow the process Assess Your Needs Define the Job Identify the Labor Pool Establish the Application Process

13 Process Advertising Screening Applications Telephone Screening Applicants Interviewing Selection

14 Lets Interview Groups of 3 where possible –Interviewer: Food Service Manager –Applicant: Food Service Worker –Observer: Watch for details Role Play each role

15 Developing Team Members Orientation Process Ongoing Training Performance Evaluation

16 Effective Coaching Observe continuously what employees do and how they do it. Take the time to give each employee daily feedback on his or her work. Let employees know what they did well and what could be improved as soon as possible after an observed incident or behavior. Guide employees by identifying not just the specific desired behavior but its desired results. Give employees the benefit of your task and organizational expertise. Encourage employees to share their own experience and insights. Be willing to explore options with employees. Show tact when coaching an employee who needs improvement. Work with top performers to keep up their high standards and find new challenges. Use coaching to help employees improve, develop, and succeed, not to chastise. Be positive about the job, the employee, and the organization. Ask questions and listen actively to the answers and the reactions behind them.

17 Watch Your Words Compliment: Wayne, you created a unique presentation for the broccoli today. I noticed you received several compliments! Encourage I want to help you become even more consistent with your food presentation. Observe The customer wearing the blue shirt was interested in dessert. Offer Insight You missed his cue and missed the sale. Offer advice Its important to slow down and watch for buying signals. Explain benefit When you recognize and respond to the signals, youll start selling more right away. Use respectful phrases Another way to think of this … I have a concern … Its important that … It doesnt appear to be effective when …

18 Coaching Techniques Guide from the Side The Drive By The 2-Way Exit Interview A Walk Around the Block What Do You See?

19 Communication Skills Words Tone of Voice Basic Expressions Body Language

20 TEAMwork Together Everyone Achieves More See Handout

21 Developing a Positive Environment Leadership Honesty Morale Recognition

22 Effective Kitchen Environments Kitchen Layout Equipment Storage Other Considerations

23 Case Study

24 Day One Action Plan

25 Problem Solving & Decision Making Problem Identification Decision Making Planning & Organizing Implementation

26 Exercise Earthquake Groups of 6 or 7

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