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Laboratory Personnel Dr/Ehsan Moahmen Rizk. Personnel-Module 12 2 Organization Personnel Equipment Purchasing & Inventory Process Control Information.

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1 Laboratory Personnel Dr/Ehsan Moahmen Rizk

2 Personnel-Module 12 2 Organization Personnel Equipment Purchasing & Inventory Process Control Information Management Documents & Records Occurrence Management Assessment Process Improvement Customer Service Facilities & Safety The Quality Management System

3 Personnel-Module 12 3 Success or failure of quality system is dependent on the laboratory staff  Knowledge and skills  Motivation  Commitment 3 Laboratory Staff YOU ARE: The most critical part of the quality system The laboratory’s greatest asset An important partner in patient care YOU ALSO: Bring your integrity and professionalism to the healthcare community

4 Personnel-Module Continuing Education Training Job Descriptions Orientation Competency Assessment Job Qualifications Personnel Management

5 Personnel-Module 12 5 Motivated employees are more committed to their work  praise  recognition  bonuses  benefits  flexible time  …

6 Personnel-Module 12 6 Job Descriptions “Laboratory Management shall have job descriptions that define qualifications and duties for all personnel.” ISO 15189:2007

7 Personnel-Module 12 7 Orientation Competency Assessment Task-specific Training Competency Recognition Job Description Qualified New Employee Retraining

8 Personnel-Module 12 8 Orientation

9 Personnel-Module Competency Assessment Job Description Task-specific Training Competency Recognition Retraining

10 Personnel-Module Laboratory director 1. provide advice to those requesting information about the choice of tests, the use of the laboratory service and the interpretation of laboratory data 2. relate and function effectively with:  applicable accrediting and regulatory agencies,  Clinical Staff  the healthcare community  the patient population served

11 Personnel-Module Laboratory director (continue) 3. Define, implement and monitor standards of performance and quality improvement of the medical laboratory service 4. Ensure that there are sufficient qualified personnel with adequate documented training and experience to meet the needs of the laboratory;

12 Personnel-Module Laboratory director (continue) 5. Plan, set goals, develop and allocate resources appropriate to the medical environment; including budget planning and financial management, provide educational programs for the medical and laboratory staff and participate in educational programs of the institution; 6. implement a safe laboratory environment in compliance with good practice and applicable regulations

13 Personnel-Module Laboratory Manger 1.Responsible for the day-to-day management of the testing laboratory 2.Ensuring that there are enough personnel with adequate training and experience to conduct the work 3.Ensuring that the laboratory has a manual of standard operating procedures that are complete, up-to-date, available for personnel performing tests, and followed by those personnel

14 Personnel-Module Laboratory Manger (continue) 4.Maintaining a quality assurance program to assure the proper performance and reporting of all test results; maintaining acceptable analytical performance for all controls and standards; maintaining quality control testing; and assuring and documenting the validity, reliability, accuracy, precision, and performance characteristics of each test and test system 5.Taking all corrective actions that may be necessary to maintain satisfactory operation and performance of the laboratory 6.Responsible for review, interpretation, and reporting of test results

15 Personnel-Module QA manger Design, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system. This include the following: 1. Management support of all laboratory personnel by providing them with the appropriate authority and resources to carry out their duties; 2. Arrangements to ensure that management and personnel are free from any undue internal and external commercial, financial or other pressures and influences that may adversely affect the quality of their work 3. Policies and procedures for ensuring the protection of confidential information

16 Personnel-Module QA manger (continue) 4. The organizational and management structure of the laboratory and its relationship to any other organization with which it may be associated 5. Specified responsibilities, authority, and interrelationships of all personnel 6. Adequate training of all staff and supervision appropriate to their experience and level of responsibility by competent persons 7. Technical management which has overall responsibility for the technical operations and the provision of resources needed to ensure the required quality of laboratory procedures

17 Personnel-Module Lab. technician 1.Performing laboratory tests in order to produce reliable and precise data by carrying out routine tasks accurately and following strict methodologies to carry out analyses 2.Preparing specimens and samples 3.Constructing, maintaining and operating standard laboratory equipment 4.Ensuring the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced

18 Personnel-Module Lab. Technician (continue) 1.Recording the results and conducting them to lab manger 2.using computers and performing mathematical calculations for test results 3.keeping up to date with technical developments, especially those which can save time and improve reliability; 4.Helping lab manger in conducting searches 5.following and ensuring strict safety procedures and safety checks

19 Personnel-Module Computer Lab. technician Responsible for the maintenance and operations of computer labs and related equipments as printers&Faxes. Assist lab users with computer-related issues such as creating user log-on accounts and passwords, The operation of the computer and the network Keeping records of equipment and lab supplies

20 Personnel-Module Internal audits  In order to verify that operations continue to comply with the requirements of the quality management system, internal audits of all elements of the system, both managerial and technical, should be conducted at intervals defined by the system itself.

21 Personnel-Module Internal audits (continue)  Audits should be formally planned, organized and carried out by the quality manager or designated qualified personnel. The procedures for internal audits should be defined and documented and include the types of audit, frequencies, methodologies and required documentation.  The results of internal audits should be submitted to laboratory management for review.

22 Personnel-Module Competency Assessment Methods Direct Observation  checklists Indirect Observations  monitoring records  re-testing  case studies  Give previously analyzed specimens for testing  Provide written exercises to assess: Technologist NameTechnologist Title Procedure for Evaluation Evaluation DateEvaluator Procedure itemAcceptPartialNoComment Read procedure manual Equipment set up appropriately Work area neat Reagent preparation Perform task accurately Perform task timely Other: Specify Problem solving skills Knowledge Interpretation

23 Personnel-Module Policies and Processes Review annually and modify when necessary Processes Policy writing- management responsibility Who will conduct assessment? What will be assessed? When will assessments occur?

24 Personnel-Module Competency assessment documentation use standard forms date and keep confidential

25 Personnel-Module Training Continuing Education

26 Personnel-Module Training Methods and Resources

27 Personnel-Module Performance Appraisal professional behavior customer service communication observation to safety adherence to policy competencies Efficiency

28 Personnel-Module Performance Appraisal Meetings  formal  regular  constructive  objective  complete  fair  documented

29 Personnel-Module Personnel Records Performance Appraisal Competency Assessmen CONFIDENTIAL John Smith Training Records Competency Assessment

30 Personnel-Module Personnel-Module Summary  Personnel management is critical to success of a quality management system.  Job descriptions should accurately describe tasks and authorities.  Competency must be assessed.  Training will help to assure competent staff.  Methods for attracting and retaining personnel must be addressed.

31 Personnel-Module Key Messages Personnel are the most important resource in the laboratory. Managers must create an environment that will fully support all laboratory personnel in order to maintain a high quality of laboratory performance. Continuing education is vital to personnel competency.

32 Personnel-Module 12 32

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