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(Customs & Trade Partnership

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1 (Customs & Trade Partnership
C-TPAT (Customs & Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) The purpose of today’s presentation is to discuss our next exciting FIVE YEAR JOURNEY. NextLeap is the name we have given this journey that will enable us to achieve the NEW TARGET we have set for ourselves. This presentation will review: The FOUNDATIONS we have built, Our need to CHANGE to meet the challenges of today's marketplace and to take advantage of the many opportunities available to us. The new target we have set called TWENTY TO THE POWER OF FIVE. How we are GOING TO GROW over the next five years to meet this target. Every department, branch, country, network partner and individual person at UTi is a part of this journey called NextLeap. What we will discuss today is OUR CLEAR COMMITMENT to make this happen.

2 C-TPAT Objective Secure international supply chains
Customs effort to facilitate the process from manufacturer through importation

3 Voluntarily Participate
C-TPAT Participation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) C-TPAT Participation Supply Chain Security Profile Questionnaire 1) Procedural security 2) Physical security 3) Personnel security 4) Conveyance security 1) Commitment to work with S.C. service providers to enhance security processes and procedures 2) Develop & implement a verifiable & documented process within C-TPAT guidelines 3) Where the importer does not have control over the SC providers, communicate to those providers C-TPAT guidelines & where practical make their on-going relationship contingent upon following C-TPAT guidelines Agreement to Voluntarily Participate In C-TPAT Originally available to importers only but expanded to include manufacturers, warehouses, carriers OTIs and brokers

4 C-TPAT Procedural Security
Random & unannounced security assessments within areas of company control Procedures for notifying customs & other law enforcement if anomalies or illegal actions are found Protect against un-manifested cargo being introduced Monitoring the movement from origin to destination Origin Destination Security Controls supervised loading/unloading Proper markings, weighing, counting, & documenting vs. the manifest Detecting & reporting overages & shortages Procedures for affixing, replacing, recording, and tracking seals on containers, trucks, railcars

5 C-TPAT Physical Security
Buildings: Constructed of material that resists unlawful entry - Protects against outside intrusion Perimeter fences: Door, windows, & gates locking Adequate lighting Access Controls: Positive I.D. of employees, visitors, vendors Freight segregation: Domestic from international High value Dangerous Goods

6 C-TPAT Personnel Security
Recruitment: Prospective employee screening and interviewing Background checks Verification checks Hire Education & Training: Awareness of C-TPAT requirements

7 C-TPAT Conveyance Security
Protect against the intrusion of unauthorized personnel and material Search of accessible areas Securing of internal and external compartments and panels Procedure for reporting unauthorized personnel, un-manifested material or signs of tampering

8 C-TPAT Participant Benefits
Play an active role in the War Against Terrorism Reduced number of delays and Customs inspections Assigned Custom’s account managers to work with participants Account based Processing - bimonthly payments - monthly payments

9 UTi is Your C-TPAT Partner
Active security program Procedural Physical Personnel - Conveyance ISO 9002 Processes eMpower I.T. System Documented processes - Online & Real time Door to Door Control From loading at origin - To unloading at destination Global Security Officer Screening - Facilities - Training

10 “Your C-TPAT and CSI Partner”

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