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PART 108 – Presentation by Denver F. Wright November 2008.

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1 PART 108 – Presentation by Denver F. Wright November 2008

2 Applicability – Reg. 108.01.1 Shall apply to all persons engaged in: Acceptance Handling Forwarding Storage Carriage Including: Postal Company Known Consignors Charter Organizations Bonded and catering stock providers Of International, regional or domestic cargo by air.

3 Primary Terms “Regulated Agent”. “Known Cargo”. “Known Consignor”. “Cargo Security Manual”. “Security Controls”. “Security Screening Equipment”. “Exemptions”. “Designated Official”.

4 “Regulated Agent ”-Reg.108.02.1&2 Certificate of Approval – Valid 12 Months Maintains Records. Including records of accredited Known Consignors and Cargo Security Declarations. Safeguarding of cargo. Secure Premises protected by trained Security Officers continued…

5 “ Regulated Agent”-Reg.108.02.1&2...continued Applies Security Controls to Unknown Cargo. Known Cargo to remain sealed with tamper evident seals. Random inspections of Known Consignor premises and cargo. 10% of Known Consignor cargo consignments to be screened. continued…

6 “Regulated Agent” – Reg. 108.02.1&2 …continued Background check, including criminal check, of personnel. Job specific and Air Cargo Security Familiarisation Training. Qualified and trained Designated Official. Approved Cargo Security Manual.

7 “Known Cargo” - Reg. 108.03.2 Cargo from a Known Consignor which has been processed, in accordance with the regulations, by a Regulated Agent. Unknown Cargo which has undergone appropriate Security Controls. Exempted items tendered by a Regulated Agent. No other cargo may be accepted by an Air Carrier.

8 “Known Consignor” – Reg. 108.02.3 The originator of goods for carriage who has been accredited and registered with the CAA. Known Consignor Accreditation Certificate – Valid 12 Months. Established business with a Regulated Agent. continued …

9 “Known Consignor” – Reg. 108.02.3 …continued Complies with the Known Consignor requirements which includes: Known Cargo to be packed and stored in secure premises. Background check, including criminal check, of personnel. Cargo to be made tamper evident. continued …

10 “Known Consignor” – Reg. 108.02.3 …continued Cargo Security Declaration to be lodged with a Regulated Agent - Valid 12 Months. Job specific and Air Cargo Security Familiarisation Training. Compliance with the Regulated Agents Security Manual as applicable.

11 “Cargo Security Manual” – Reg. TS108.01.2 Must be divided into 8 Chapters. Chap. 1:Compliance Undertaking. Chap. 2:Organisational structure split into General Structure and Security Structure. Chap. 3:Operational Procedures and Resource Utilization. continued…

12 “Cargo Security Manual” – Reg. TS108.01.2 Chap. 4: Record keeping. Chap. 5: Training. Chap. 6: Recruitment of Personnel. Chap. 7: Amendments to Manual. Chap. 8: Contingency plans. Requirement details contained in Technical Standards …continued

13 “ Security Controls”- Reg. TS108.02.1 Screening by physical check (hand search). Screening by X-rays. Subject to simulation chamber testing. Applying other means both technical and bio sensory. continued…

14 “ Security Controls”- Reg. TS108.02.1 … continued Maturing by delaying transportation of cargo. SNIFFER DOGS VAPOUR DETECTION Air way bill or other valid dispatch document to accompany every consignment. (Reg.108.03.1) Exempt categories are: Known Cargo and specific exempted items.

15 “Security Screening Equipment” Must comply with the minimum technical requirements approved by the Commissioner for Civil Aviation. Intended to prevent the introduction of dangerous or prohibited articles. Screening by X-ray, or other technical means, is only one of the tools in the toolbox of Security Controls.

16 “Exemptions” – Reg. 108.03.7 Transshipment cargo (only if cargo meets minimum security requirements at origin and transit points). Human remains. Live animals. Life saving materials, essential medical supplies, human organs, blood plasma or similar materials. Nuclear materials. NB Ships Spares are not exempt. Must be tendered to the Air Carrier (or verified by the Air Carrier in respect of transshipment cargo) by a Regulated Agent who must apply certain minimum security measures.

17 “Designated Official”-Reg.108.01.2(6) We prefer the term, “Designated Cargo Security Official (DCSO) Qualified by a training course acceptable to the Commissioner, (IATA or ICAO). Qualified as Security Officer and registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) Min. Grade B. Responsible for implementation, application and supervision of Security Controls. Dangerous Goods – Level 6

18 Implementation. Regulated Agent / Air Carriers. Known Consignors.

19 Steps needed to Implement Part 108 WAY FORWARD FOR SAAFF MEMBERS Security inspection of premises(Perimeter access, and internal security) for all branches and their approval. Personnel background check, including criminal clearance and finger print check if required. Job specific and Air Cargo Security Familiarization Training for all personnel handling air export cargo continued…

20 Steps needed to Implement Part 108 WAY FORWARD …continued Air Cargo Security Manual. Implementation of Part 108 systems and procedures. Appointment of Designated Cargo Security Official (DCSO).

21 Steps needed to Implement Part 108 WAY FORWARD Known Consignor record system: identification, listing and verification Application to the CAA using the prescribed form and, everybody’s favourite, payment of prescribed fees. Renewal every 12 months.

22 Steps needed to Implement Part 108 Known Consignors Security inspection of premises. Background check, including criminal check, of personnel. Job specific and Air Cargo Security Familiarization Training. Introduction of Cargo Security Declaration. continued…

23 List of SAAFF Members with Head Offices in Johannesburg. 1 Balltrans (Clover Cargo) 2 Buffalo Freight 3 Ceva Logistics 4 Expeditors 5 Freitan 6 Kuehne & Nagel 7 Rohlig Grindrod 8 Safcor Panalpina 9 Schenker 10UTI

24 Contact Details. Professional Risk Management THANKS YOU Durban Contact Denver F. Wright E-mail: Tel: 083-2279903

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