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TRANSPORTATION AND CARGO SECURITY Presented by : Aysar Naserallah.

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1 TRANSPORTATION AND CARGO SECURITY Presented by : Aysar Naserallah

2 Three pillars of total security management: 1- Practices must be based on creating value that can be measured 2- implies continual improvement 3- helps firms avoid, minimize, or survive disruptive events requires resiliency and business continuity planning as essential business functions

3 The four value chain V’s : Visibility-Variability-Velocity-Vulnerability 1- Visibility: the ability to identify movement within the supply chain; the cornerstone of situational awareness 2- Variability: the degree of change from consistency in the supply chain; although variations will occur, the manner they are handled is paramount 3- Velocity: the speed of output of the supply chain; ensure that cargo arrives neither too early or too late at the next stop, especially if the high risk location

4 4- Vulnerability: the level of exposure to disruption in the supply chain; ensure that cargo are not tampered with

5 The four security D’s: Deter-Detect-Delay-Dispatch 1- Deter: to discourage or prevent a disruption to the supply chain; through accountability, security patrols, background checks 2- Detect: discovering the existence of threat to the supply chain; through alarms, seals, content monitoring to be alerted to a breach of security 3- Delay: temporarily impeding hindering onset of threat to the supply chain; taking steps to delay the impact of the event 4- Dispatch: responding to a supply chain. Threat; through appropriate and timely response with preparedness

6 The four solution set C’s: Coordination-Cooperation-Consultation–Collaboration 1- Coordination: fully integrated, seamless interaction among all entities in the supply chain; essential due to reliance on firms and individuals in the security process 2- Cooperation: joint action taken for the mutual benefit of all; equals trust among security process partners to seek common goal

7 3- Consultation: seeking information in order to improve business and security; improves understanding by all to anticipate security concerns and requirements 4- Collaboration: working together to improve business processes; improves security and business return on investment

8 The four operational enablers to cargo in transit 1- Best Practices Implementation 2- Situational Awareness 3- Training and Exercises 4- Outreach

9 Best practice implementation: The focus of best practices in the movement of cargo centers on the concept of end to end control of the movement of freight, necessitating the coordination of the security practices of suppliers, carriers, retailers, forwarders, and others.

10 Situational awareness: Situational Awareness for securing assets in transit is focused on the information needed to track a firm’s goods from point of origin to Destination

11 Training and exercises : Successful application of security measures is dependent upon educating the personnel involved and making certain they understand the responsibilities for ensuring the security process

12 Outreach : Security of assets in transit requires cooperation of public and private sector entities * Workshops on disaster preparedness * Training sessions on situational awareness * Effective liaison with local law enforcement * Scheduled meetings with local government

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