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. A COMPANY LIKE NO OTHER HAS COME TO AMERICA Discover the Freedom you desire and Create a more meaningful life Opening: Group Involvement: As you look.

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1 . A COMPANY LIKE NO OTHER HAS COME TO AMERICA Discover the Freedom you desire and Create a more meaningful life Opening: Group Involvement: As you look at creating a better LifeStyle – What Freedom are you looking for? What do you want FREEDOM FROM? Let them volunteer answers? 1-2 min Then…. What do you want FREEDOM to do? Let them volunteer answers? 1-2 Relate a bit of where you were & what you have found. BRIEFLY - < 1 min. PRESENTATION TIME GOAL = Less than 50 minutes. 1

2 . A Company founded on 5 pillars of Health Healthy Family Healthy Society Healthy Finances Healthy Body Healthy Mind Which of the 5 pillars of Health are most challenging for You? FOUNDED IN 1975 IN JAPAN OPERATIONS IN MORE THAN 35 COUNTRIES 5 A1 DUN & BRADSTREET RATING STRONG COMPANY TEAM NIKKEN – THE WELLNESS COMPANY MAIN POINT: STABILITY OF THE COMPANY – Uniqueness: A Company Like NO Other…… (D&R story) = Didnt want to be with a company that would be here today & gone tomorrow. Nikken came to America after being in Japan 16 Years & in 8 countries! To be able to finish in 50 or fewer minutes – You do not read all that is on the slides – You make a point & tell a story. Your main point doesnt have to be the same each time & you can have someone else to briefly say what is their favorite aspect of the slide. 2

3 BUSINESS EXPENSES SUPERSEDE PRODUCT BUDGET ALLOTMENT ECONOMIC PLAN TYPICAL OF CORPORATE BUSINESS Middle Men Location & Building Expenses Management & Employees Advertising Product Budget DEBT…. DEBT EXPENSE MAIN POINT: Corporate – store products high expenses resulting in the slice of the budget left for product ingredients, research, etc – to be lowered or price is very high. Thats why so many products have synthetic & often toxic ingredients, &/or lower quality. Story: A friend in Jacksonville, FL has a warehouse with many supplements in it. When someone wants to start a Networking company, they call him & arrange to purchase products from him with their own new Label on them. 3

4 More Product Value for the $$ And … OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO EARN MORE NETWORK MARKETING … NIKKEN INCREASED PRODUCT VALUE Advertising Middle Men Location/Building Employees PRODUCT + VALUE Research Superior Ingredients NO DEBT …. NO DEBT EXPENSE Nikken doesnt have some of those expenses… Story - Example – Skin Care – Example !!! – Double Blind Studies – Example – Inventions & Patented Products – No One is anywhere near where Nikken is !!! We are the Advertising, – the best = word of mouth – sharing one to one! We are the Middle Men – simply referring customers to Nikkens Warehouse. 4

5 . YOUR HOME CAN BE A WELLNESS HOME. REST & RELAXATION NUTRITIONALS AUTOSHIP ENVIRONMENT PERFORMANCE & REJUVENATION INNOVATIVEPROPRIETARYAMAZING Point: Our bodies need an environment where we can THRIVE STORY: If, as the October 2006 National Geographic points out - diseases directly related to the unseen toxic environment in our homes –build up in the bodies of ourselves, our children, & our pets & are causing the chronic diseases in epidemic proportions in our country today – The question is: Do you want to do something about it? - Reverse the epidemics toxins causing Diseases with Wellness Homes. 5

6 . Because of The RESULTS experienced, Nikken is a MISSION to many Deep Sleep NIKKEN WELLNESS HOME- PROTECTING HEALTH New! Powermag Air True Elements Skin Care Water Exercise ENERGIZER IN THE NEWS! POINT & Story: These are some of the products in our wellness home: Pure air with Negative Ions – but no ozone! Amazing water products – Many people like it so well they quit drinking soda pop. Water - #1 most important – see later slide. - Unique & necessary Nutritionals. Energy products - Worlds Best – Revolutionary Sleep system – No one else has anything like it! 6

7 VISUAL PROOF !!! RESULTS that were too amazing to be believable… Until Visible Increased Balance = Safety Improved Energy & Mobility Decreased Stiffness & Decrease d Agony All add up to ……. Decrease d Stress Before Magnetics After Magnetics ENERGIZER IN THE NEWS! DOUBLE BLIND STUDY RE-GENERATE NERVES Point: Magnetics give us Instant Strength, Energy, & Balance. STORY = Demonstrations 7

8 Chloroform. EWG (Environmental Working Group) - a nonprofit research organization Question: ? Is there a possibility that there is a relationship between drinking & showering with these toxins … and the rising disease rates Personal products Hormones Nitrates Pharmaceuticals HEALTH STEALER Point: A non-profit, non-government research organization has tested the water in almost every water district in the country & found toxins in the water that should never enter our bodies. STORY: Everyone needs to take control at their tap & showerhead. 8

9 . 10 PURIFICATION DEMO with Nikken PiMag filter & Brand X filter Red Water into Ordinary filter …. still carries red particulates. Red water into Nikken Pi-Mag filter… is clear ….no longer carries red particulates. ….Which would you want to drink? … And so they do not have equal results ! Which would you want to filter the contaminants out of your water? POINT: All water systems are not created equal. STORY: Our friends. Larry & Mary Lou – bought a brand x filter. They added red food coloring to the water & poured it through our Nikken Aqua Pour filter – ta da! Clear water. Then they poured it through the brand x filter. - Not exactly purified, Id say. - Wouldnt want to trust it to purify my water. 9

10 REPLENISHING HEALTH Dr. Naidus research & discoveries have provided solutions for: Food safety Toxic shock syndrome E-coli contamination Bio- Depletion Bone & Joint Problems Dr. Naidus team is dedicated to the Fundamental principles of life, innovation at the Molecular level, dedicated to the improvement of the human condition. A.S. NARAIN NAIDU, ( pronounced: Nidu) PHD.(MEDICINE) REPLENISHING HEALTH. POINT: Nikken is a company so in the Right Place at the Right time – that it has attracted the loyalty of a man of a stature such as that of Einstein – who is here noting that such a man should follow his path someday. STORY: Dr. Narain Naidu is pioneering the field of Bio-Replenishment & has already brought us several that are totally revolutionary. We are very fortunate to have him with Nikken. 10

11 Lactoferrin Gold 1.8 stimulates PRODUCTION of the bodys natural DEFENSES. Lactoferrin Gold supports INTESTINAL AND IMMUNE system activity and all body fluids Lactoferrin – A basic building block of life Reduces harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast, & molds POINT: As our bodys Lactoferrin diminishes, our Protection & functions are compromised. Replenishment protects us & allows our body to function as when we were younger before diminishment from stress or age took place. STORY: Lactoferrin works very well against antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections (Super Bugs). In our laboratory we have discovered this mechanism in 1993. Lactoferrin binds to porins (small pores on bacterial surface) and open them up for our immune system T- cells or antibiotics to effectively penetrate and kill the bacterial pathogen. 11

12 POINT: Pandemic – now or later Bad bug here or there-? Are you counting on a little mask to PROTECT your Health? Prepare: Be ready – now or later Here or there ….. STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM PROTECTION Pandemic in the News Air Power Five LACTOFERRIN Pi-Mag Water -Optimized Jade Green Zymes IMMUNITY STORY: Usually we dont stock products – but this is one product we recommend that everyone have a good stock on hand. Be prepared when someone has a need. 12 CIAGA

13 Bone & Joint Problems = Aging A Problem to be Solved…. POINT: With kids drinking pop, adults drinking coffee, & baby-boomers turning 60; the acidity drains our bones of calcium. In addition, our Bodys transportation system diminishes & so our calcium is frequently not being deposited & so the minerals are not available as needed.ALL OVER THE WORLD, WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM. BONE DISEASE- 1 in 2 women have it 1 in 4 men have it Women can lose up to 20% of their bone mass in the first 5 to 7 years after menopause. Each year more women break a bone due to Osteoporosis than have a stroke, heart attack, or breast cancer combined! STORY: At Nikken, We have Dr. Naidu. Dr. Naidu has solved the problem & proven it with Double Blind Studies. SIDE EFFECTS REPORTED: EXTREMELY POSITIVE!!! 13

14 Fxxxxx users run the risk of developing a serious case of osteonecrosis of the jaw; suffering extreme pain associated with the death of the jawbone. Fxxxxx May Be Tied to 23 Cases of Esophageal Cancer. ABC News BXXXXX may cause pain or trouble swallowing, heartburn, ulcers in your stomach or esophagus. OBVIOUSLY, A HEALTHIER SOLUTION IS NEEDED BIS-PHOSPHONATE DRUGS SIDE EFFECTS: EXTREMELY NEGATIVE! POINT: Bis- Phosphates … as in fertilizer ? - Yes - That sounds like it would be dangerous to put in your body. STORY: The dental association is reporting cases osteonecrosis of the jawbone every week. 14

15 NIKKEN IS THE COMPANY WITH DR. NAIDU & THE SOLUTION THE PROBLEM: OUR BODYS TRANSPORT SYSTEM DIMINISHES Bio-Replenishment: A New & Natural Concept from Dr. Naidu - Replenishing that which has diminished. Could our body be similar to UPS & other freight systems? What happens when the freight system shuts down? A.S. Narain Naidu, PHD (Medicine ) OSTEO-DENX: (Osteo-dense) Replenishment for : Bones, joint cartilage, & all body systems & cells. 15 STORY: Brief explanation of the Body transport System taking minerals to the Bone Bank & then, when the cells of various systems call for needed minerals – the Transport system must be able to take them to the cells. Minerals must be processed in the skeletal system before they can be used by the cells. The bis-phosphonate drugs cause a type of bone hardening that prevents mineral release. POINT: Dr. Naidu has developed a natural solution that is healthy for the whole body. It is good for everyone. Amazing results have been seen including Positive Side Effects

16 THE PROOF: OsteoDenx (ELS) Results in Clinical Trials Loss of Bone Substance Bone Increase Effect of Enriched Lactoferrin Supplementation (ELS) on Bone Health in Post –Menopausal Women, by Dr. A.S. Narain Naidu, Ph.D. (Medicine) at 15 POINT: Results of OsteoDenx (pronunciation = Osteodense) are proven to improve Bone density. STORY: When Dr. Naidu was visiting with Dennis Williams, he told him of ladies in the study coming to him, knowing only that the study was about health, & would say to him, Dr. Naidu, I think this is a study about Heart regularity.. Another said, joint improvement, … another said, regularity – because I used to have that problem & I no longer have that problem. 16

17 SAVE $ – ORDER IN A 3 PACK SAVE $ - ORDER ON AUTOSHIP + + Dr. Naidus OSTEO-DENX Revolutionary formula for bone health Nikkens Calcium Plus POINT: Order a Pack &/or on Auto-Ship to Save Money. STORY: We always want to show you the way to order Nikken products to get the best Value on our Nikken Products. 17

18 NUTRITIONAL SPECIALTIES WATCH THE Webex presentations For presentations of more Nikken Product & Business Information. MENTAL CLARITY IMMUNITY LIVER SUPPORT KENZEN OMEGA GREEN + DHA Digestion Complex 4-20 MENS / WOMENS KENZEN WHOLE FOODS MEGA 4 POINT: We have other very VALUABLE Products that can be purchased on the Autoship discount price as well. STORY: (Latest favorite – or Testimony) One good thing to tell is that the really BAD Cells can only grow in an acidic environment - Green Zymes have proven themselves in getting my body to quickly turn from Acidic to Alkaline. I know because I hurt when Im sometimes hurt when Im too acidic & as soon as I drink my Green Zymes – the hurt goes away – like Instantly. Ruth W. 18 Super Green Zymes

19 Business Success Packs: THE DECISION #4272 #4066 #4064 #4062 SAVE $ BY BEGINNING WITH A PACK CHOICE & AUTOSHIP SAVE S up to $900. SAVE S up to $1,300. SAVES $60 Bone Health Pack $603.00 Investment Good: Better: Best: Starter Pack $512.00 Investment Builder Pack $1,672.00 Investment Professional Pack $2,790.00 Investment Auto ship offer 1 st 90 Days 18

20 IMMUNE BUILDER- STAYING YOUNGER PACK Includes $25.00 off Autoship for 6 Months Home / Professional Pack Autoship Offer 1st 90 Days MAIN POINT: PRO PACK + KENKO AIR SLEEP = 2 ND PAY LEVEL Deep Sleep = CELL RESTORATION + 20 STORY : When youre at the 2 nd pay level – you make twice as much – Your checks will be twice as big!

21 POINT: Wellness, The Next Trillion dollar business, will be bigger than the Internet! STORY: Paul Zane Pilzer, noted economist, who has counseled with several US Presidents, who has predicted economic trends ….now predicts the Wellness Industry to become larger than the Internet! Have you ever wished that you might just be in the right place at the right time ??? The trick is recognizing that youre there! – Then taking the action to benefit! 21 STORY: It is reported that a Baby boomer is turning 62 every 10 seconds for next 16 years! Someone said: Baby Boomers Choice: Wellness Home or Rest Home … YIKES: …..! Now the Younger Generation is realizing the value of staying Well as well! Wow! What a time to build a business with a Wellness Company ! Main Point: Everyone wants to stay young especially ….The Baby Boomers.

22 Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki tell that they recommend Network marketing as a road to financial success with low risk. 22

23 You share with 3 each with an average of $200.00 Auto-ship. You help them share with 3 each (9) with an average of $200. Auto-ship. You help them share with 3 each (27) with an average of $200. Auto-ship. You + 3 + 9 + 27 = A small Grid of 40 people at $200 = $8000.00 volume If at a 10% Bonus level, Bonus check = $800.00 each month. Most People know three people who want to protect their Health. MAIN POINT: SHARE NIKKEN and Enjoy Repetitive & Reproductive Income STORY: Auto-ship is your base salary. It is repetitive every month. When it reproduces to 6 wide & all levels through 6 each find 6 who have $200.00 (Our average amount) – you will have more income than you can spend. Begin with Finding three. 23

24 WILLIAMS WALL OF FAME STORY: Each of these successful people began by using the products, and sponsoring their first Wellness Consultant - So can you. Each of these people have overcome obstacles - So can You. Each of these People enjoy a Fantastic LifeStyle – SO CAN YOU! POINT: These people have built successful Nikken businesses, Earned a Million $ – So can you. 24

25 NIKKEN MISSION: To inspire individuals to discover a whole new way of life, and provide them the opportunity to live it through improved health and financial well-being. To see the Reversal of the Disease statistics in America & around the world. OUR GOAL Discover it - NIKKEN: The Company offering Wellness. THE WELLNESS CHOICE ? Discover it - 25

26 YOU: What you want to accomplish is most important. What are your goals to accomplish concerning Health & Wealth? … for You…. For Others? Products…. Business …. Both ?? BUSINESS EVALUATION: YOUR CONCERNS / YOUR GOALS 26

27 POINT: WHAT DO WE DO? Sponsor some Consultants & enroll some Members Teach your Consultants to do the same thing. The company will send you some money! 27

28 Marketing Support System BUSINESS PLAN POINT: YOULL have help – Have your Upline do presentations for You. STORY: Some ABCs will be with one, some with groups, some via internet. 28

29 GET STARTED WITH PRODUCTS OR BUSINESS Register with Nikken See How to Save on your Nikken Products Team Support Program Earn $8 to $10K per month, after one year, following the program Get Started or Continue EVALUATION …or Both Product Interest only: Product Demos & Magnetic Back Massage MORE INFORMATION: NEXT: GET STARTED BASICS 29


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