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Welcome! Relìv Helps Make Dreams Come True. The Four Pillars of Relìv.

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1 Welcome! Relìv Helps Make Dreams Come True


3 The Four Pillars of Relìv

4 Relìv Mission To Nourish Our World Body, mind and spirit Relìv Kalogris Foundation Be ashamed to die until you have scored a victory for mankind. ~ Dr. Theodore Kalogris Founder, Reliv Classic

5 Strong Foundation Began with a product Founded by Robert L. and Sandy Montgomery Original leadership still in place If you help others to get what they want in life, you will get what you want. Robert L. Montgomery

6 A Solid Company Member: Direct Selling Association Council for Responsible Nutrition Company-owned manufacturing and Research & Development International opportunity Over 20 years of success

7 The Need to Supplement We are facing a health crisis Epidemic rates of devastating, often preventable diseases 75% of us fall short of nutritional requirements Health professionals recommend a balanced daily supplement for good health

8 The Relìv Difference Bioavailability Synergism Optimal Nutrient Levels Guaranteed Quality Ingredients

9 Nutrition You Can Trust R&D led by renowned food scientist Dr. Carl Hastings Council for Responsible Nutrition Board of Directors Cutting-edge, clinically proven formulas Multiple U.S. patents Money-back guarantee

10 Essential Nutrition Complete range of nutrients with just two shakes a day Vitamins and minerals plus select herbs, phytonutrients and more No more mixing and matching bottles of vitamins Nutrition made simple

11 Weight Loss Comprehensive lifestyle plan Cutting-edge ingredients Nutrients your body needs to thrive Weight loss the safe and healthy way

12 Targeted Solutions Meet your own needs Enjoy healthier, more active lifestyle today Promote prevention for a healthier you Patented, clinically proven formulas

13 Let Relìv products work for you.

14 The Relìv Opportunity Wellness the next Trillion Dollar industry Direct sales over 30 million distributors in Asia alone Answer for what people need today: better health and finances

15 The Relìv Success System In business for yourself, not by yourself Proven business model Established path to success A business anyone can do


17 You Retail P4,000You make P800 - P1,600

18 20%15%5% Profit

19 x 8% x 6% x 4% x 3% x 2%

20 P300,000x 8% = P24,000 900,000x 6% = 54,000 27 2,700,000 x 4% = 108,000 81 8,100,000 x 3% = 243,000 243 24,300,000 x 2% = 486,000 Total Income P915,000



23 Relìv Helps Make Dreams Come True

24 Your Next Step Talk to the person who invited you to this presentation and find out how you can get started. Live better starting today with Relìv!

25 YOUR NEXT STEP… Customer 30 days Money Back Guarantee Distributor 20% Retail Profit 14 days cooling-off period Quick Start Initial Investment approx *Php28,000 Potential profit approx *Php8,000 Master Affiliate Initial Investment of *Php170,000 Potential profit approx *Php70,000 Buy-back Guarantee *Amounts vary depending on your order


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