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Devolution and Housing Steve Wilcox University of York.

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1 Devolution and Housing Steve Wilcox University of York

2 Devolution and Housing Four frameworks Housing Supply Housing Affordability Housing Quality The First Decade

3 Four Frameworks : Constitutional Arrangements Pre Devolution Differences Scotland : Primary Legislation Wales : Secondary Legislation Northern Ireland : Suspension Related non devolved functions

4 Four Frameworks : Financial Arrangements Scotland & the 1989 Act Barnett & LA Capital Provision HRA Subsidy Concordats Scotland & Prudential Borrowing Northern Ireland & NIHE The Rent Concordats

5 Index of growth in total devolved budgets

6 Index of total per capita spending (UK = 100)

7 Housing spend as a proportion of total attributable spend

8 Devolution and housing supply Overall housing supply Supply of social rented dwellings Right to buy reforms & impacts

9 Decline in social rented stock

10 Social rented stock as a proportion of total housing stock

11 Trends in public funding for new housing association dwellings. Includes funding for shared ownership and other LCHO schemes

12 Trends in social rented new build completions.

13 Lettings to new tenants decline in all four countries Figures are thousands. Northern Ireland figures are for NIHE only. English LA figures exclude non secure lettings to homeless from 2003/04. New tenants include existing tenants moving between the LA and HA sectors.

14 Divergent trends in homeless acceptances

15 Proportion of council dwellings allocated to priority homeless in 2006

16 Right to buy reforms and impacts Gradual impact on lettings Impact of cash limits Scotlands modernised right to buy Wales & the LCO(*) Debacle * Legislative Competence Order

17 RTB Sales of council housing

18 Average right to buy discounts

19 Housing affordability Market affordability Social rents & affordability

20 National trends in home owner affordability Based on CLG first time buyer house prices and EFS working household gross earnings

21 Proportion of younger households unable to buy in 2004 Source : Affordability and the Intermediate Housing Market, JRF, 2005

22 Rents as a percentage of mortgage costs in 2007

23 Trends in council rents

24 Trends in housing association rents

25 Housing quality Three quality standards Quality of council housing Quality of private housing PRS Regulation Environmental & Energy Efficiency

26 Housing Quality Standards A century of evolving standards Unfitness Below Tolerable Standard Decent Homes Mk I Scottish Housing Quality Standard Welsh Housing Quality Standard Decent Homes Mk II (HHSRS)

27 Improving council housing Stock transfers ALMOs in England Prudential borrowing & Scotland NIHE? Public borrowing constraints Definitional frailties

28 Post devolution stock transfers as a proportion of 1997 council stock

29 Private sector grants fall in real terms Excludes disabled facilities grants

30 Improvements grants in 2006 per private sector dwelling

31 The First Decade Constraints and Opportunities Considerable policy development Contented policy communities Limited impacts (so far) in practice Cross border learning? A settled settlement?

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