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Making the Link: Local Authority Setting Tuesday 8 th December 2009 Janelle Clark, Strategic Development Manager.

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1 Making the Link: Local Authority Setting Tuesday 8 th December 2009 Janelle Clark, Strategic Development Manager

2 Aberdeenshire : Housing Market Summary Aberdeen Housing Market Area Rural Housing Market Area Ballater Turriff Fraserburgh Banff Stonehaven Braemar Aboyne Alfor d Huntly Laurencekirk Peterhead ABERDEENSHI RE Aberdeen Housing Market Area Banchory Inverurie Ellon Aberdeenshire Rural Housing Market Area Aberdeenshire part of Cairngorms National Park Westhill ABERDEE N CITY

3 Aberdeenshire Predominantly rural area Traditionally reliant on agriculture, fishing and forestry Last 35 years emergence of oil and gas industry leading to rapid population growth Through strong commuting flows linked to Aberdeen City

4 Aberdeenshire Households expected to rise by 15.9% between 2006 and 2021, High proportion of under 20’s and fewer over 65’s than Scottish average but Number of Older People 75+ increase from 2006 to 2021 by 44% but by 2031 95% 71% owner occupation, 19% social rent, 6% private rent and 4% other

5 Local Housing Strategy 2004- 2009 Access to Housing Quality of Housing Housing for Particular Needs Groups Sustainable and Inclusive Communities

6 Access to Housing Focus on delivery of affordable housing Making best use of existing housing Improve information

7 Access to Housing Affordable housing delivered by developers without any public subsidy for shared equity Council new build programme Affordable housing delivered through RSL programme both for rent and shared equity

8 Quality of Housing To ensure both Council and RSL housing meets SHQS Improve private sector housing Improve Energy Efficiency Sustain a building industry

9 Quality of Housing Council and RSL housing on target to meet SHQS Targeting of BTS properties Energy Efficiency Advice project; Renewable Connection Project, Carbons Emissions Reduction Target funding.

10 Housing for Particular Needs Ensure 30% of all new affordable housing is for particular needs groups Make best use of existing housing by maximising in situ solutions

11 Housing for Particular Needs Disabled Housing persons Service Agreed protocol for pre allocating new affordable housing SSA pilot for Older People’s teams Telecare project Review Sheltered and Very Sheltered Housing

12 Sustainable and Inclusive Communities Delivery of affordable housing in areas of regeneration Develop thriving communities through community safety and participation

13 Sustainable and Inclusive Communities Regeneration of industrial area in Peterhead. Ethnic Minorities housing worker appointed Rural Housing Enabler

14 Monitoring & Evaluation Multi agency Housing Strategy Group established Local Community Planning groups involved Framework agreed Annual updates and Newsletter

15 2010 onwards In line with Strategic Development Plan timeframe will be in place by mid 2011. Interim arrangements; Strategic Outcome Statements and action plans Joint Housing Needs and Demand Assessment with Aberdeen City

16 Strategic Outcome Statements Affordable Housing Homelessness Scottish Housing Quality Standard Private Sector Housing Fuel Poverty Ethnic Minority Groups Regeneration

17 Strategic Outcome Statements Particular needs group joint with NHS and Social Work –Older People –Physical Disability –Learning Disability

18 Housing Needs Growing number of households in housing need. Lack of affordable housing to rent and buy Over 30% could afford inter mediate housing Supply numbers falling both in terms of owner occupation and rented. Access to funding both public and private

19 Housing Needs Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 –Reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions –Energy Efficiency –Fuel Use Fuel Poverty Private Housing; Scheme of Assistance, Housing renewal Areas etc

20 Housing Support Supporting People Budget –Care Management –Homecare –Through Care and After care –Sheltered Housing –Homelessness

21 Housing Support Backlog need identified Future need requirements more difficult Policy response to determine if “in situ” or new homes required

22 Housing Support Included in each Strategic Outcome Statement. Resource Statements produced which identify growth bids for new services. Can include spend to save initiatives Reconfiguration and Re-provision

23 Next Stages Finalise Strategic Outcome Statements Consultation Monitoring & Evaluation Framework; exception based reporting

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