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Selected Issues - England and Wales (Part 1) By Peter Orji (University of Southampton)

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1 Selected Issues - England and Wales (Part 1) By Peter Orji (University of Southampton)

2 England and Wales – The Devolution England Ministry of Housing and Local Government now Department for Communities and Local Government –The Government of Wales Act of 2006 government with an executive drawn from and accountable to the legislature Wales 1951 - Junior Government Minister of State for Housing 1964 - Secretary of State for Wales –Housing –Local Government –Roads

3 The Outlay England 22.8 million dwellings in 2011 –Price 397,000 euros (London) 117,000 euros (North east) Average overall – 187,000 euros Wales 1.35 million dwellings in 2011 –Prices 140,000 euros average

4 Common Structure Housing Accommodation Owner Occupiers Outright Mortgages Intermediate Home OwnersRenters Private Landlords Social/Public Landlords

5 England - Housing Trend

6 Wales – Housing Trend

7 Separate but equal? Public (LA) Social – HA, Co-op,

8 Eligibility for Public/Social Housing In employment in the UK; A European Economic Area (EEA) worker; Previously worked in the UK but have since retired; Lived in the UK for five years and have acquired a permanent right of residence; Awarded one of the key social welfare supports.

9 Public/Social Housing Allocation how much council or housing association housing there is in an area, how much priority one has been awarded, how many other applicants have more priority than a particular applicant. * Housing Act 1996

10 Public Housing - Priority –a pregnant woman,... –a person with whom dependent children reside,... –a person who is vulnerable as a result of old age, mental illness or handicap or physical disability or other special reason,... –a person who is homeless or threatened with homelessness as a result of an emergency such as flood, fire or other disaster.

11 Public/Social Housing – Right to Buy/Acquire Owner Occupiers and Rental Imbalance Criticism The Scheme today –Compares with private housing right to enfranchise

12 Contemporary Policy Issues Security: –Succession –Mutual Exchange Regulation –Public Law must comply with the Human Rights Act 1998 in the exercise of their functions relating to allocation and general management; where dealing with the public is concerned housing association will also be subject to public law provisions

13 Private Housing Sector Regulation: Housing Conditions –Housing Health and Safety Rating System Welsh Landlord Accreditation Scheme Management of Private Rentals –Estate Agents –Taxation: Council Tax As part of rent or not –Utilities Basic and non-basic

14 Comments... Questions? Thank You!

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