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Get into teaching!

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2 Get into teaching!

3 Mrs Anthony’s story What is it like to be a teacher? What is it like to be a Headteacher?

4 How do I become a teacher? To become a teacher, you need – to hold a degree – to complete a course of initial teacher training (ITT) If you want, you can combine the 2!

5 How do I do it? You can: – complete your ITT alongside a degree – complete your ITT straight after a degree (part-time or full-time) – complete your ITT whilst working

6 Qualifying alongside a degree : Undergraduate ITT course Two types of undergraduate ITT: Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) with QTS specialise in a certain subject (maths, physics, languages…), while gaining your honours degree and qualified teacher status (QTS) Bachelor of Education (BEd) honours degree course in education for both primary and secondary teaching

7 Qualifying after a degree: Postgraduate ITT course One year course that includes – 18 weeks in a school for primary trainees – 24 weeks in a school for secondary trainees At the end of the course, you will be awarded qualified teacher status (QTS) You will become a newly qualified teacher (NQT) ready to undertake your induction year!

8 Qualifying whislt working: Graduate teacher programme (GTP) Schools sometimes employ non qualified graduates to follow a special programme (GTP) leading to qualified teacher status (QTS) You are paid while you train Competition for these places is stiff!

9 Born to teach course? Fortismere Institute of Education University of London

10 BENEFITS Teaching is the best job in the world so you’ll never have a dull moment! The course is certificated by the Institute of Education, one of the world's leading centres for education studies and related social sciences.

11 Preparing to teach (first term) You will learn: Routes into teaching and professional standards Why teaching and caring for ALL children is so important How do teachers teach? You will attend: Workshops / seminars Key note Lectures Teaching in Practice (second term) You will learn How to plan and deliver inspiring lessons You will attend Teacher tracking/observations Visits to primary / secondary schools Team teaching sessions Teaching episodes Evaluating teaching (third term) You will learn How students are assessed How data is analysed to support students’progress You will attend Workshops / seminars Presentations PROGRAMME CONTENTS

12 Now it’s time to enrol!

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