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Training the Teacher Trainers Generic Session G1 Teaching, Training and the Current Context.

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1 Training the Teacher Trainers Generic Session G1 Teaching, Training and the Current Context

2 Aims and Objectives resource no. G1.2 Aims For participants to: meet other participants consider course requirements, current basic skills context and current teacher training context.

3 Aims and Objectives cont. Session Objectives By the end of the session participants will: have gained a comprehensive understanding of training routes available for literacy, numeracy and ESOL tutors have analysed and critically reflected on the requirements embodied in the FENTO Standards for Teaching and Learning.

4 Assessing learners’ needs. Planning and preparing teaching and learning programmes for groups and individuals. Developing and using a range of teaching and learning techniques. Managing the learning process. Providing learners with support. Assessing the outcomes of learning and learners’ achievement. Reflecting upon and evaluating one’s own performance and planning future action. Meeting professional requirements. LLUK headings resource no. G1.4.2

5 LLUK are currently developing new standards “for teaching, tutoring and training to underpin a new integrated framework of approved qualifications to support competence and capability in learning delivery roles”. (LLUK website, January 2006, home page) From September 2007 all new teachers, tutors and trainers in England will need to meet qualification requirements that meet the new standards. New Standards resource no. G1.4.3

6 Equipping our Teachers for the Future Discuss –1. What key changes are being introduced? –2. What will you need to do to prepare yourself for these changes?

7 True or False? Teachers who are not fully qualified are in danger of losing their jobs Being ‘fully qualified’ means having a level 4 certificate in generic teacher training and for the subject specialism you want to teach Even people teaching Literacy, Numeracy or ESOL for two hours a week will have to get fully qualified People teaching on vocational courses where they need to develop their learners’ needs regarding literacy, numeracy or ESOL will have to complete a level 4 subject specialist certificate Quiz resource no. G1.5.1

8 Think about the ‘training needs’ of people working - or training to work - within your specialist area (literacy, numeracy, ESOL) in your institution. Training Needs resource no. G1.5.3

9 Training needs cont. Think about: –The level to which most people are qualified. –What they still need to do to get fully qualified. –Whether there is a consistent pattern, or is there a great variation in training needs? –What about new teachers and Initial Teacher Education? How well is this suited to purpose?

10 Consider: –What you know already. –What you need to find out and how you will do so. Consider: –Beyond the current context and standards, what sort of training / education do you think teachers in your institution want or need? Training Needs (Con’t) resource no. G1.5.3

11 Training Relationships resource no. G1.6 Teachers, Learners, Teacher Trainers, Trainers of Teacher Trainers, Managers, Staff Development Officers, College Directors, Trainee Teachers, Team Leaders, Civil Servants, Government Advisors? Staff Development Officer ESOL Team Leader Trainee Teacher

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