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Rachel McGreal and Leon Kuforiji

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1 Rachel McGreal and Leon Kuforiji

2 University

3 Galway BSc Biochemistry and Physiology Graduated – 2007
Crossroads – work for Coca- Cola/teach in the UAE

4 Unqualified Teaching

5 Abu Dhabi Science degree  unqualified teaching position
Key Stage 1 Class Teacher Decided to do PGCEi


7 Dubai University of Nottingham  PGCEi 1 year course
Full-time teaching – Abu Dhabi Part-time college - Dubai £7000 NO QTS

8 Dubai Empowering Learning  Dubai/London-based teacher training and recruitment company Offered QTS Train in England

9 Signal Failure Delay Expected

10 Essex Grays – unqualified Year 5 CT
Scheduled to begin Assessment Only route to qualification Course postponed

11 QTS

12 Raynham Primary School
Via EL – job as CT Year 4 E-qualitas + Raynham = QTS £3000 – covered by EL Gained QTS in 18 weeks (standards + planning file across all Key Stage 2)

13 Challenges Support Full-time teaching + paperwork Work/life balance

14 Benefits Hands-on teaching experience Practical training No coursework
Earning whilst training

15 University

16 Oxford Brookes University
BA Hons Architecture Graduated 2007

17 Post Graduate

18 RIBA Completed Part One of RIBA Qualification
Applied for Architecture work placements

19 Station Closed Until Further Notice

20 Full-time Employment Worked within the retail sector
Coached football in USA

21 Volunteer Teaching

22 Raynham Primary School
Volunteered as Teaching Assistant Boosters Enquired re: Teaching routes Unqualified Teacher Full-Time

23 QTS

24 London South Bank University / Raynham Primary School
GTP QTS gained 2013 NQT

25 Challenges Balancing teaching, coursework and standard folder
University one day a week Planning ahead

26 Benefits Hands on teaching experience Training whilst earning
Practical training Support

27 We have reached our destination

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