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Year 4/3 Residential Parent’s Meeting

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1 Year 4/3 Residential Parent’s Meeting
Bockleton 9th-13th July 2007 Year 4/3 Residential Parent’s Meeting

2 Presentation Overview
Travel Arrangements Staff On Arrival Sleeping Arrangements Meals Housekeeping Spending Money Phoning Home Phoning Home Activity Programme Kit List Free Time Photographs Emergency Procedures Any Questions?

3 Travel Arrangements Departure Day
Leave Chad Vale at approx am, children to be in school for normal time please. Arrive at Bockleton at approx 12.00pm. Final Day Leave Bockleton at approx. 1.15pm Arrive at Chad Vale at approx. 3.00pm (Coach company: Yarrintons)

4 Staff Mr. P Sansom Miss. Crombie/Miss.Cashmore (TBC) A.N.Other!
Plus… Bockleton Centre staff on site: Andrew Taylor, Helen Brown, Sarah Morecombe

5 On Arrival…. Children are introduced to the on-site staff and are given a safety briefing. They unpack in their rooms, allocated before departure. (beds are made for them already, but they will need to keep their rooms tidy!) They will have lunch on site, and then begin their first activity.

6 Sleeping Arrangements
Bedtime will be from 9.00pm. Girls are on the 1st floor, with a female staff bed room. Boys are on the 2nd floor, with 2 male staff bedrooms. We are the only school on site for the week. There is a member of centre staff on night duty every night. There are separate toilets/showers for boys and girls on each floor.

7 Meals Food is cooked daily by catering staff on site.
Breakfast is served at 8.00am every morning with a choice of cereal, full cooked breakfast, fruit and fruit juices. Lunch is a packed lunch, with sandwiches chosen the previous evening by the children. It includes a drink, fruit, biscuit/chocolate and crisps. Dinner is served at 5.30pm with a range of healthy options. Chips are served only once! A different home-cooked pudding is provided each day, followed by a choice of fruit or cheese and biscuits! A ‘supper’ of cake or snack and hot chocolate is provided at 8.30pm.

8 Housekeeping Children are NOT allowed to bring:
Any aerosols (e.g. hair spray/deodorant) Any electrical items (e.g. hair dryers) Any valuable items (e.g. Gameboys) Any food/snacks/sweets/crisps etc. If children would like to take cameras, we suggest they are disposable, single-use cameras. Please note that neither school or Chad Vale can take responsibility for any valuable or precious items lost or broken during a school trip. If it has value, please leave it at home!

9 Money There is NO tuck shop!
There is an opportunity to purchase items from the Souvenir Shop on the final day. Please give your child no more than £5.00, in a clearly labelled bag, preferably in change if you would like your child to buy themselves (or you!) a memento of their visit. The bags of money will be locked in a member of staff’s room until Friday.

10 Phoning Home There is no phone available to the children during the trip. Mobile phones are not allowed! School will be kept updated on the news from Bockleton, so please keep your eye on the ‘Bockleton Notice-board!’ We will also use the Chad Vale website message board to send messages home. In an emergency you will be contacted straight away. If there is an emergency at home and you need to contact your child please phone the school, who will pass a message onto the staff at Bockleton.

11 Emergency Procedures In a Medical emergency your child will be taken via ambulance or Centre minibus to Tenbury Wells Country Hospital where they will be seen immediately. If further treatment is required they will be relayed to Worcester General. You will, of course, be contacted as soon as possible. Please ensure your contact details are current on the Medical Form.

12 Activity Programme Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Morning
Afternoon pm Evening pm Monday Depart Chad Vale Local Walk (2 ½ miles) Free Time Shelter Building Tuesday DETECTIVE MYSTERY DAY Outdoor Sports Grp 1 Camp Wednesday Outdoor Challenges; Low Ropes, Rock Climbing, Caving Grp 2 Camp Thursday Trip to Severn Trent Water Interactive Learning Day+ Riverside walk from Bewdley to Trimpley. Disco Friday Souvenirs/Tidy up/Packing Depart for home… SLEEP!!!

13 Kit List In addition to what you would normally pack, please ensure your child has the following items: Warm and waterproof coat 2-3 warm jumpers 2-3 pairs of warm trousers Set of ‘old’ clothes (where it will not matter if ruined!) 2 pairs of shoes (preferably waterproof) Wellingtons Wash bag with soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste Bath towel and hand towel Thick socks Soft soled shoes/slippers for inside wear Pyjamas/dressing gown Depending on the weather; hat/scarves/gloves/shorts/t-shirt!

14 Free Time Some free time will be available to the children where they can play football, use the library or join in with organised games by Chad Vale staff. They will supervised at all times.

15 Other Photographs

16 Disco The Thursday evening activity will be a Disco!
If you would like to bring some suitable disco clothes please pack them in addition to your outdoor wear! Please note that high heels are not allowed on the wooden floors at Bockleton. back

17 More info:
Any Questions?! More info:

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