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Missouri Government. Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette.

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1 Missouri Government

2 Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette

3 Saint Louis IX

4 Louisiana Purchase

5 Saint Louis

6 Missouri Compromise




10 Worlds Fair

11 General Assembly

12 Legislature- General Assembly SenateHouse of Reps term length34163 minimum age3024 qualification (voter) voter for 3 years voter of 2 years qualification (residency) resident in district of 1 year

13 Governor- Jay Nixon

14 Governor Requirements: 30 years of age U.S. citizen for 15 years lived in MO for at least 10 years four year terms two term max 15 Executive Departments appoints the heads of depts/ choose judges for state supreme court

15 Judicial Branch three levels: circuit court, court of appeals, and state Supreme Court Court of Appeals: eastern, western, and southern Missouri Court Plan- Under the Plan, a non-partisan commission reviews candidates for a judicial vacancy. The commission then sends to the governor a list of candidates considered best qualified. The governor then has sixty days to select a candidate from the list. If the governor does not make a selection within sixty days, the commission makes the selection. At the general election soonest after the completion of one year's service, the judge must stand in a "retention election". If a majority vote against retention, the judge is removed from office, and the process starts anew. If the majority vote in favor of retention, the judge serves out a full term.

16 City of Clinton v. Cedar Rapids and Missouri Railroads - Municipal corporations owe their origin to, and deprive their powers and rights wholly from the (state) legislature. It breathes into them the breath of life, without which they cannot exist. As it creates, so may it destroy. If it may destroy, it may abridge and control. - Missouri controls local government in legal sense, but not in a political sense.

17 Home Rule Missouri was the first state to grant home rule in 1875. But under the condition of: Section 19(a). Any city which adopts or has adopted a charter for its own government, shall have all powers which the general assembly of the state of Missouri has authority to confer upon any city, provided such powers are consistent with the constitution of this state and are not limited or denied either by the charter so adopted or by statute. Such a city shall, in addition to its home rule powers, have all powers conferred by law.

18 Political Positions: Lieutenant Governor: Peter Kinder (R) Secretary of State: Jason Kander (D) Saint Louis County Executive: Charlie Dooley (D) Saint Louis County Council: 7 members Mayor of Saint Louis City: Francis Slay (D) (v. Lou Reed of the Board of Aldermen) Board of Aldermen: Cut from 28 members to 14 (January 1st, 2022) Why so long? Who wrote the Bill?

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