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Missouri Constitution!!! What makes Missouri Run?.

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1 Missouri Constitution!!! What makes Missouri Run?

2 How is this going to work??? The notes are going to be broken up into 3 sections. – 1 for each branch of government It might be beneficial to do these notes right on your study guide to help prepare for the final!! After each section we will be taking an online poll using text messages at So pay attention and be ready to answer!!!

3 Executive Branch But we don’t have a President?!?!?!

4 Who is in charge??? Just like the U.S. government is lead by the President, the Missouri Governor serves as the head of the Missouri Government – Missouri’s governor: Jay Nixon

5 Who can be the governor? Qualifications: – 30 years of age – U.S. citizen for at least 15 years – Missouri resident for 10 years Unofficially: – All Missouri governors have also been white males Governor then serves a 4 year term

6 What does the Governor do? Powers of the governor: – Administer laws – Appoints and removes officials – Ceremonial Head of State – Liaison with federal government

7 Also…. Powers (cont.) – Recommends laws and budgets – Signs or vetoes bills Line item veto – Calls special sessions of the legislature – Commands the Missouri National Guard – Grants pardons, reprieves, or commutations What is a pardon or reprieve??? – definition definition

8 Is the Governor the only Executive officer?? Along with the governor there are 5 other elected Executives in Missouri: (save space after each) – 1. Lieutenant Governor – 2. Secretary of State – 3. State Auditor – 4. State Treasurer – 5. Attorney General

9 Lieutenant Governor Same qualifications as the governor! Serves a 4 year term Powers: – Ceremonial head of state (when needed) – President of the Senate – Next in line to succeed Governor – Acting governor when needed – Volunteer coordinator – Ombudsman????? definition

10 Secretary of State 4 year term Qualifications: – Must be a Missouri resident for 1 year Meet Robin Carnahan!!!

11 Functions of the S.O.S.? Serves as the chief elections official Compiles, stores, and publishes, all state documents Keeper of the Great Seal of Missouri!

12 Elections!!! Two types of election (like before!) – 1. General Election: The official voting process for elected officials – November 2 nd, every 2 years – 2. Primary Election Elections done within parties to determine candidates for general elections

13 What do I have to do to vote??? In order to register to vote, an individual must be: A citizen of the United States; A resident of the State of Missouri; and 17 years and 6 months of age (must be 18 by Election Day). That means you can vote in the next election!!

14 State Auditor 4 year term With the same qualifications as the Governor Role: – Determines if tax dollars are being spent “efficiently, economically, and legally”

15 State Treasurer Must be a Missouri resident for 1 year 4 year term May only serve for 2 terms Manages the state’s money! Directs the state’s banking and investment services Clint Zweifel – lost??? lost???

16 Attorney General 4 year term Must be an attorney in Jefferson City, MO during his term Serves as the Attorney for the state of Missouri – Represents all legal interests of the state

17 Executive Departments 1. Office of Administrations 2. Department of Agriculture 3. Department of Conservation 4. Department of Corrections 5. Department of Economic Development 6. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 7. Department of Health 8. Department of Higher Education 9. Department of Insurance 10. Department of Labor & Industrial Relations 11. Department of Mental Health 12. Department of Natural Resources 13. Department of Public Services 14. Department of Revenue 15. Department of Social Services 16. Department of Transportation And over 350 boards and commissions

18 Poll time!!!

19 Legislative Branch We have a Congress too!!!

20 Missouri General Assembly Just like Congress, Missouri General Assembly has two houses (who would have thought?) – 1. Missouri Senate – 2. House of Representatives

21 Purpose of General Assembly Serve as the Legislative part of Missouri Government – Create laws The Missouri version of the U.S. Congress

22 Missouri Senate 34 members Serving 4 year terms Led by the President of the Senate – Lieutenant Governor Qualifications of Members: – 30 years of age – Must be qualified voters in their district for 1 year – Must have lived in the state for 3 years

23 Missouri House of Representatives 163 members Serving 2 year terms (max of 4 terms) Led by the Speaker of the House Qualifications: – 24 years of age – Must be qualified voters in their district for 1 year – Resident of the state for 2 years

24 How are districts determined??? Each Senate district has 1 vote – About 150,000 people per Senator All representation is determined by population! – Census!!! (every 10 years) After every census, district lines are reapportioned (redrawn) – Missouri is notoriously bad at this!!!

25 Missouri Senatorial Districts

26 Can only Legislators propose laws??

27 NO!

28 POWER OF THE PEOPLE!!! Initiative: – A process used to create and pass laws using a number of signatures from the voters of Missouri Must be 8 percent of the legal voters in no less than 2/3 of districts Referendum: – A referendum may be proposed by either a petition of not less than 5 percent of legal voters or by General Assembly

29 How does a Bill become a Law? Simply put…..

30 It’s the same process as the U.S. Congress!!!! Save for the Governor replacing the President….

31 Poll time again!!!!!


33 Judicial Branch!! But this has gone SOOO LONG!!!

34 Missouri Supreme Court 7 judges 12 year terms How are judges selected?? – Missouri Plan Under the plan, the Appellate Judicial Commission submits the names of three applicants to the Governor. If the Governor fails to make a nomination, the Commission shall make the appointment. Once the judge has served for at least a year, he or she will be placed on the general election ballot for a retention vote of the people. If retained, judges serve a term of 12 years.

35 What topics can they decide on? The validity of a United States statute or treaty. The validity of a Missouri statute or constitutional provision. The state's revenue laws. Challenges to a statewide elected official's right to hold office. Imposition of the death penalty.

36 Is there only a Supreme Court? Great Question! – Why not at all!!! – There are 3 different levels of courts in Missouri 1. Supreme Court – Hears appeals from lower courts or transfers from Appeals Court 2. Court of Appeals – Only serves appeals from lower courts 3. Circuit Courts – Serves criminal trials

37 Well what about courts like Judge Judy? Municipal Court: – Traffic courts, housing courts, etc. Small Claims Court: – Only can file a claim against someone who owes you money! THIS IS JUDGE JUDY’S COURT!!!

38 Now what if someone is charged with a crime? What kind of jury do they get? – Grand jury: A grand jury is a type of jury that determines whether there is enough evidence for a trial – Trial jury: A jury trial (or trial by jury) is a legal proceeding in which a jury either makes a decision or makes findings of fact which are then applied by a proceedingjury

39 What if I get a call to be a juror? Well you have to be 21 years old Have to be a resident of the County you live in But! – You do not have to be a registered voter!!!

40 Last but not least….Poll Time!!!!

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