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1818 Illinois became the 21st state. 1970 Current Illinois Constitution adopted.

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1 1818 Illinois became the 21st state

2 1970 Current Illinois Constitution adopted

3 60 days How long a governor may consider a bill

4 Circuit Courts General trial courts in Illinois

5 Pat Quinn Current Governor of IL

6 Springfield Present capital of IL

7 118 Number of Representatives in the Illinois House of Representatives

8 Senate Approves governor’s appointments

9 4 Illinois voting qualifications 18 years old Citizen of the U.S. Live in the district 30 days Register 28 days before election

10 General Assembly Legislative branch in Illinois (Senate + House of Representatives)

11 Lieutenant Governor Next in succession after the Governor

12 59 Number of Senate districts in IL

13 102 Number of counties in Illinois We are in Woodford

14 Election Day in Illinois 1 st Tuesday after the 1 st Monday in November in even years

15 Governor Chief Executive Officer in IL

16 Secretary of State Maintains official records/ acts of the General Assembly

17 3 types of Courts in Illinois Circuit Appelate Supreme

18 General Elections Held every 2 years (even-numbered) Next election is 2010

19 Lobbies Organized groups that seek to influence lawmakers

20 Qualifications of Governor 25 years old Resident of state 3 years Citizen of U.S.

21 4 years Term of governor

22 3 branches of Illinois government (like Federal) Legislative Executive Judicial

23 Illinois has had 4 constitutions 1818 1848 1870 1970

24 Illinois has had 3 capitals Kaskaskia Vandalia Springfield

25 Home Rule 1970 Conventional Constitution gave local governments (cities and towns) power to pass ordinances “for the protection of the public health, safety, morals and welfare” or, within certain limitation, to tax and incur debt without specific legislation from the General Assembly.

26 Referendum to vote on public issues such as bond issues of governmental bodies or changes in the state constitution Example: school districts ask voters about building new schools

27 Dale Risinger State Senator for the 37 th district

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