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Introduction to Project Sustainability AACPS Development Office February 2005.

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1 Introduction to Project Sustainability AACPS Development Office February 2005

2 Sustainability Defined To keep in existence; maintain (The American Heritage) The ability of a system of any kind to endure and be healthy over the long term. A sustainable society is one that is healthy, vital, resilient, and able to creatively adapt to changing conditions over time. (Top 10 by 2010, Southwest Louisiana) The ability of an organization to develop a strategy of growth and development that continues to function indefinitely. (Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy & Leadership)

3 Project Sustainability Defined What project sustainability means Maintaining the outcomes, goals and products Institutionalizing the process What project sustainability doesnt mean Maintaining staff positions Maintaining all activities Depending on grant funding

4 Project Sustainability: Ask the right questions What are we doing? Do other people know what were doing? What outcomes do we want to sustain? Is there data to support our results? What are the fiscal needs? What are the management needs? Who champions this initiative? Who else do these outcomes affect? Whose interests does this support?

5 Strategies for Sustainability Develop broad-based relationships/partnerships that foster collaboration. Involve all stakeholders: parents, students, business, politicians, community leaders, school administrations, funders. Nurture community involvement. Develop a core of supporters. Be visible. Develop an outreach plan. Link evaluation to project success and then to marketing. Be flexible. Modify the project based on evaluation and feedback. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Share resources. Share expertise. Share successes.

6 Develop a Sustainability Plan Begin today. Think broadly. Include partners and champions. Include short and long-term sustainability goals. Set priorities for sustainability. What are the most important outcomes that you want to maintain? Include the Development Office. Were here to provide support.

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