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Space Logistics Technical Committee January 5, 2010 Meeting Olivier L. de Weck, ChairBarry Hellman, Vice Chair

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1 Space Logistics Technical Committee January 5, 2010 Meeting Olivier L. de Weck, ChairBarry Hellman, Vice Chair Marriott World Center, Sawgrass Room January 5, 2010 1900 Hours

2 Agenda for January 5, 2010 1.Welcome and Introductions, Roll Call, TC Overview - de Weck and Hellman 2.Election results for new AIAA SLTC Officers 3.Review and approve minutes from last TC Meeting (September 16, 2009 Pasadena) 4.2009 Year in Review (SMG SLTC Report, Aerospace America Article) – de Weck 5.SharePoint new Website – Demo - Grogan 6.Report from Conference Sub-Committee Chair Johnson- current and upcoming conferences: Space 2010, SpaceOps 2010, SOLE, IAC.. 7.Report from Publications Sub-Committee Chair Shishko - AIAA Progress Series Book, Special section on space logistics in JSR, Standards under development (lexicon, classes of supply) 8.Report from Awards Sub-Committee Chair - Erikson : best paper award, AIAA National Space Logistics award, Membership upgrades 9.Educational outreach - MMOG Proposal submitted to NASA - Held/Grogan 10.Ratification of TC Charter - Hellman 11.Review list of candidates for TC Nomination (get concurrence from TC) – de Weck 12.Confirm Schedule of activities and meetings for 2010 13.Open Discussion and Adjournment 2

3 Welcome and Introductions – 2009 Roster - Role Call 3 18 Existing Members 7 New Members in 2009 Total: 25 Introductions - Name - Background - Current Job - Interests - Update Received a total of 9 new nominations to be discussed later.

4 Space Logistics Definition Definition Space logistics is the theory and practice of driving space system design for operability, and of managing the flow of materiel, services, and information needed throughout a space system lifecycle. 4 In-Space Refueling Launch Logistics ISS Resupply In-Space Refueling Campaign Analysis Asset Management

5 History of AIAA Space Logistics TC AIAA Space Logistics TC was formed several decades ago Primarily focused on ground logistical operations to support space launch Had discontinued operations in 2000 Committee restarted in 2002/03 broader agenda including in-space logistics operations intentionally broad definition of space logistics Initial members included Karen Barker, Ray Erikson, Pete Paceley etc… Last 5 years Increasing membership and level of activity fueled by –ISS logistics becomes mainstream, NASA Constellation Program, Commercial space transportation services (COTS), USAF responsive space, increased lifecycle focus throughout the aerospace industry Cooperation with International Society of Logistics (SOLE) – Andy Evans Mike Snead Chair (2004-2006) Ray Erikson Chair (2006-2008) Olivier de Weck Chair (2008-2010) ….. Chair Elect: Alan Johnson (2010-2012) 5

6 Online Election Results Online Election for new TC Chairs held electronically Election period November 11-24, 2009 Solicited candidates for Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer Each candidate submitted a brief campaign statement Results Received 11 votes total (44% of membership) Chair Elect: Alan Johnson (AFIT) – received 63.3% of the vote –Andy Evans received 36.7% of the vote Vice Chair Elect: Pete Paceley (Draper) – received 100% of vote –Ran unopposed Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Shull (NASA) – received 100% of vote –Ran unopposed, re-elected for another term New Officers will take over at AIAA Space 2010 in September 6

7 Mission and Goals of the Space Logistics TC Supply long-range vision for key space logistics topics Interplanetary supply chain management –Move from mission-focus to long-term campaign focus Space infrastructure development (on the ground and in space) –Lean principles In-space construction, repair and maintenance –Importance of logistics during entire lifecycle, including design Provide central node in network for information on space logistics via website and newsletter via Aerospace America year-end review, journal articles, book via committee meetings and conference sessions Generate reports and standards for use by workers in space logistics Provide recognition for committee members and other workers in field via publications, via AIAA awards 7

8 Space Logistics TC – Organizational Structure Steering Sub- Committee Education Sub- Committee (future) Conference Sub- Committee Publications Sub- Committee Awards Sub- Committee 8 Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer Sub-Committee Chairs Meetings, Minutes, Action Items, Website, Charter Newsletter, Membership, Public Policy Sub-Chair Members Space 20XX Other Conferences Workshops Liaison with Other TCs Sub-Chair Members AIAA Progress Series (Book) Standards, Position Papers, Yearly Highlights Article, JSR Special Issue/Section Sub-Chair Members AIAA Space Logistics National Award Nominations Service Awards Membership Upgrades Education POC

9 Sub-Committee Membership in 2009 Steering de Weck (chair), Hellman (co-chair), Shull (secretary/treasurer), Shishko, Erikson, Johnson Conference Johnson (chair), Evans (co-chair), Paceley, Grogan, Caldwell, Taylor Awards Erikson (chair), Snead (co-chair), Rodriguez, Galluzzi, Barker, Pestak Publications Shishko (chair), Green (co-chair), LAfflito, Jackson, Loughman, Barnhart, Hofstetter, Gralla Education Jason Held –start forming nucleus of ideas/activities around educational activities around which a future sub-committee can form once we are at full strength (35 members) 9 Need to revisit sub-committee memberships and operations

10 Last TC Meetings 2009 – Review and Approve Minutes 10 Orlando, Jan 5, 2009 Honolulu, May 1, 2009 Pasadena, Sep 16, 2009 Interesting Fun Crowded ! Review Minutes

11 SLTC Highlights for 2009 Conferences and Workshops Visit and Business Meeting at NASA KSC in January 2009 Supported 15 th Space and Launch Ops Workshop, Hawaii, April 2009 with SOSTC Space Logistics Track at Space 2009 (6+1 sessions), robust attendance Publications / Technical Products Several journal articles published in JSR Released SpaceNet 2.5 to the public on October 1, 2009 ( Two AIAA/ANSI Standards in development and ready to review –Space Logistics Lexicon, Space Cargo Classification (COS) AIAA Progress Series Book under contract and in development –28 chapters planned, 60% received, still open for submissions Awards New Space Logistics best paper award approved ($500 from SMG) Membership 9 New Nominations received will be at full strength 34 (2008: 19, 2009: 25) Revised new TC Charter – Goal: adopt new charter at this meeting 11 Aerospace America Article – Year in review 2009 SLTC Yearly Report submitted to SMG on 1/3/2010

12 SLTC Website - Demo 12 New (Official) Website: Old Website: Google Groups Paul Grogan (webmaster) to explain migration to Sharepoint and new content and features

13 Conference Sub-Committee (Johnson) 48 th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (ASM) 2010 Orlando Florida, 4-7 January 2010 (abstract deadline was 3 June 2009) TC Meeting, but no sponsored sessions Optional Tour of NASA KSC on Friday, January 8, 2010 The Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) 25-28 January 2010, San Jose, CA, sponsored by IEEE Not a formal presence, encourage individual members to attend 11 th International Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps 2010) 25-30 April 2010, Huntsville AL, (abstract deadline was 1 Aug 2009) SLTC Meeting there (what days?), possibly tour of NASA, and Army Facilities AIAA Space 2010 Conference and Exposition, AIAA ICSSC 2010 31 August-2 Sept 2010, Anaheim, CA. Will have a SLTC meeting there. CfP: Abstract Deadline: February 1, 2010 (this is our main event !) International Student Participation/Event 13

14 Publications Sub-Committee: Standards (Shishko) Lexicon (Nomenclature for Space Logistics) Version 4 of the Space Logistics Lexicon Standard has been submitted to AIAA for Review on September 13, 2008 Highlights location designations separately for easy reference Adds definition of space logistics Recorded vote of SLTC ratifying draft standard for submission to Standards Executive Committee (SEC) – September 2008 SEC will format the draft standard and publish it for public review If there are any significant comments on the draft standard, it will be returned to our committee for reprocessing If there are no comments it will be published as an AIAA standard Updated status from Michele Ringrose (AIAA Standards Manager) 14 Standard can be made available electronically Next Standard Project (in development): Classes of Supply (lead; Shishko)

15 AIAA Progress Series Volume on Space Logistics Title (original): Space Logistics: Enabling New Frontiers Rationale Traditional focus on only spacecraft performance and trajectories Recognition now that operations costs (incl. logistics) are major drivers for lifecycle cost, mission operability and safety This edited volume presents the latest state of the art in the field. Space Logistics is a specialty area dealing with supply chain management of human and robotic space missions for scientific and exploration purposes. The field includes modeling, planning, simulation and optimization of the flow of vehicles, crew, and cargo from the landing, manufacturing and refurbishment sites on Earth, through ground processing, launch, in-space operations, entry-descent-and-landing, as well as surface operations. Have about 60% of the 28 Chapters Submissions and Revisions are ongoing Hope to publish in 2010-2011 (main challenge is time and focus to review and edit) 15

16 Awards-Subcommittee (Erikson) Space Logistics Best Paper Award –Approved by SMG in September 2009 –Receiving $500 to get it started –Need to select and rank papers published in 2009 »Source? Only Space 2009? JSR? Other sources? »Who will lead the effort? AIAA Space Logistics National Award »Jack H. Williams Space Logistics Medal (SOLE?) Who knows about this award? –Creation of a national AIAA Space Logistics National Award Membership Upgrades –Need to actively promote upgrades to senior member, associate fellow, fellow –This is an area that we need to improve 16

17 To Do Items and Miscellaneous Space and Missiles Group (SMG) Issues Opportunities for Collaboration exist across SMG Interactions with other TCs –Action Item (from SMG): Consider mapping relationship between Space TC activities/missions within SMG using Design Structure Matrix (DSM) and architecture framework (DODAF?) – ongoing Provided Input for TC Metrics to SMG –Goal for 2009/2010 : most improved TC –Last years score (2008): 0.50 –This years score (2009): 0.84 17

18 Open Issues for the SLTC Public Policy We have not been active so far. Who would like to be public policy liaison? What is our topic public policy issue? (e.g. many mentioned ITAR at TAC) –Competition between government and private entities in space logistics and on-orbit transportation services for cargo and humans? Participation in Congressional Visits Day (CVD) –March 16-17, 2010 –Travel reimbursements of $500 available. Who wants to go? New Initiatives: e-Education –Theme of TAC Meeting at last ASM: Every TC should develop at least one useable educational product … what will we do? –Idea: Space Logistics Online Game »Submitted joint proposal between MIT/Saber Astronautics to NASA under the MMOG solicitation 18

19 Candidates for new SLTC Membership Online nominations were due to AIAA by November 1, 2009 Received Nominations for 9 new members Candidates nominated to date: Dr. Tovey Dr. Martin SteeleMartin.J.Steele@nasa.govMEMBERNASA Mr. Piero INTL Dr. Kevin MEMBER NASA Dr. Hirohiko INTL Dr. Jan INTL Mr. Leif Ms. Kandyce Goodliffkandyce.e.goodliff@nasa.govMEMBERNASA Dr. Richard Oefteringrichard.c.oeftering@nasa.govMEMBERNASA Lets discuss these nominees and decide which ones to invite to join the TC. 19

20 Schedule for 2010 48 th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (ASM) 2010 Orlando Florida, 4-7 January 2010 (abstract deadline was 3 June 2009) TC Meeting, but no sponsored sessions The Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) 25-28 January 2010, San Jose, CA, sponsored by IEEE 11 th International Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps 2010) 25-30 April 2010, Huntsville AL, (abstract deadline was 1 Aug 2009) When should TC meet?, Tour of NASA MSFC and Army? AIAA Space 2010 Conference and Exposition, AIAA ICSSC 2010 28-30 Sept 2010, Anaheim Transition to new TC chair at this meeting in 2010 Other meetings visits? 20

21 Open Discussion New Business, Topics? Adjournment 21

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