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High Expectations Planning for Data-driven Decision Making.

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1 High Expectations Planning for Data-driven Decision Making

2 Remember Best Practices CONCRETE REPRESENTATION – hands- on, touches skin -Manipulatives, models, measuring devices -Building a Mr. Gallon Man (not just seeing it) -Main Idea Gloves (who, what, when, where, why) Describing MENTAL PICTURE – Oral explanations, verbiage, defining process PICTORIAL REPRESENTATION – student produced ABSTRACT REPRESENTATION – formula, writing, reading.

3 TOOLS for Planning New Tool for Planning, 6-Weeks Rubrics, Student Documentation for Content Mastery, and Parental Information can be obtained by using CIA Online. Focus of Planning Tools Move students OFF TIERS.

4 THE QUESTION What are you doing differently based on your current data?

5 Planning with CIA Department Chairs will show you how to access CIA –Teacher_resources –AEIS-IT Online –CIA

6 CIA Create a Rubric for Each Six Weeks to go in your Curriculum Notebook Use CIA as a report home to the parent A part of the documentation needed for Content Mastery

7 Research Find 2 Best Practices Lesson Plans for each 6-weeks that you will use to teach the 2 weakest concepts, i.e. –Patterns –Measurement Place these in your HELPER Notebook

8 Research Scaffolding Research examples of scaffolding used to assist students in 2 weakest areas Be ready to share your research with your department

9 Scaffolding: Examples For math Quick Starts for Math Needed visual cues for math Formula chart for TAKS Problem Solving Strategies chart – pull and make chart for every teacher Multiplication Facts Chart Code Word/Vocabulary Chart Shapes Chart Place Value Chart/Houses

10 Scaffolding Examples for LA Quick Start for Writers Workshop Needed visual cues for folder Editing/revising tool Topic list Noun list Verb List Adjective List

11 Program Descriptions Look through YOUR program description Make sure you understand what your program is AND is NOT. Edit your Program with your principal Make sure to ADD all the new materials and resources you will use If further materials are needed-make note Finish Program Descriptions and turn into Ms. Rousseau.

12 Tweak CC & Benchmarks You will NEED to Tweak your Curriculum Calendars and Benchmark Tests to include 2 weakest concepts These need to be introduced EARLY and taught throughout the year to be effective. You may need to REVIEW Rules of Thumb at: culum_planning_with_purpose.htm culum_planning_with_purpose.htm

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