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Day 3 – Teaching & Learning Curriculum Building through Research and Best Practices.

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1 Day 3 – Teaching & Learning Curriculum Building through Research and Best Practices

2 Remember Rules of Thumb for TEKS: g_with_purpose.htm g_with_purpose.htm Collaboration: Processing Skills: lls.htm lls.htm Life Skils & Research Skills: m m Levels of Mastery: Engaged Learner Model: Level of Thinking: um/Blooms_Plus/bloom.html um/Blooms_Plus/bloom.html Project-based Curriculum:

3 Assignment: Form a group with 3 other people who have 3 different Resources than you do Assign Collaborative Roles to your group members Interview each other about your Resources Evaluate the Resources – find common and uncommon critical attributes Categorize these attributes Prepare a chart that demonstrates to the class these attributes Build a Rubric that evaluates these attributes Present to the class your findings and evaluation. Be ready to answer questions from the class about your findings.

4 If I engage my students in this online resource (ACTIVITY) at what level will they be thinking? How will I know?

5 What TEKS does this resource cover? Does it follow the Rules of Thumb for good curriculum? nserv/curriculum_planning_with_pu rpose.htm nserv/curriculum_planning_with_pu rpose.htm

6 New Concept – Alignment of Curriculum Depth of Content nserv/TARGET/Day2.htm nserv/TARGET/Day2.htm nserv/TARGET/ILD_Short_files/fram e.htm nserv/TARGET/ILD_Short_files/fram e.htm

7 Rethink Complexity and Depth of Content for Cross-curricular Units Identify Concepts in your TEKS Identify Generalization TEKS Identify Content Areas that you could Integrate for a Horizontal Cross-curricular Unit. How would a Curriculum Calendar assist you in this process? What level of Mastery could be addressed in a cross-curricular unit?

8 Re-evaluate your Online Resources Identify the Depth of Content (Level of Complexity) addressed by your Groups Resources Content / Instruction Student Activities / Student Involvement Assessments / formative? / summative? Alignment? C/I/A Vertical & Horizontal Alignment (Levels of Mastery) & Spiraling Curriculum?

9 The Role of Curriculum Calendars Curriculum Calendars are 1 way of Aligning Bench Marks and Curriculum Curriculum_Calendars/CC.ppt Curriculum_Calendars/CC.ppt Planning, Aligning, Benchmarking, Accountability, Sharing with Students & Parents, Goal Setting, Flexibility, Differentiated Instruction.

10 Role of Technology Integration Transparent Technology -- upt/suptindx.htm upt/suptindx.htm Changing Role of the Teacher Changing Role of the Student Interdisciplinary Connections

11 Teacher Competencies ivingSkills/tiers.htm ivingSkills/tiers.htm

12 Role of Staff Development upt/page3.htm upt/page3.htm

13 Learning To Assess Rubrics – Read: Whats Wrong With Rubrics TEL/rubrics_for_education.htm TEL/rubrics_for_education.htm

14 Modules for Teacher Training Homework Assignments: Make a Modules for Teacher Training Include: Essential Knowledge & Demonstration Of Skills Resources for Extended Learning Rubric Benchmarks to coincide with Action Plan Explore a Research Topic (Some examples below) Cooperative Learning Distance Education (Online or Mixed Mode) Project-based, Problem-based, Service-based OR Action Research-based Curriculum

15 Modules for Teacher Training Homework Assignments Continued: Authentic Assessment /vol10/10mangan.htm /vol10/10mangan.htm Technology Integration Strategies & Changing Roles (Latest, Greatest) ain.html ain.html Anti-plagiarism Strategies Staff Development Issues

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